Wearing clothes, not brands

Two months ago, more or less, I bought a pair of (awesome) trousers from a brand that likes to put its name in big on their clothes. I liked the trousers, but I wished the name wasn’t on it in those big letters. Like a week ago I bought the Dutch ELLE and read an article about how brands don’t put their trademark on their clothes anymore.
Somehow I follow fashion, it seems!
The article said that wearing brands in an obvious way was luxury, but now things are changing. You can’t recognize a Chanel bag or a Hermès scarf at first sight anymore. But you can still recognize them if you look at details, the finish, the style, etc. New luxury is subtle. New luxury is humble. In times of money crises it makes sense that luxury is no longer just wearing a brand, and showing you had the money to buy it, but wearing good, beautiful, well-made clothes from a certain brand. I like this tendency. We shouldn’t wear brands, but clothes. It makes more sense to be proud of your well-made, long-lasting clothes than to be proud of the name in huge letters on your T-shirts.
 From here.From here.
Both Louis Vuitton prints. Compare these, and understand the new tendency of silent luxury.
Thanks to ELLE.

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