Finally found it…!

A happy day, for I have found my dear perfume. Something in the universe makes me choose for rare things, but I could never have known that my perfume wouldn’t be sold anymore when I had almost ran out of this really good scent. Luckily a little shop in our neighbourhood saved me and my own, typical scent. (They also gave a sample that I tried and now I smell it all the time, because I can’t remove it. It stinks)
Someone once said to me: “I’ve been smelling something the whole day now, are you wearing perfume or what?”
I said yes. She then said how she loved it. This happened to me three times, three f*cking times, and that’s why I want to keep my very own perfume. It’s mine – mine! 😉 So I won’t tell you which one it is – you probably won’t find it anywhere. Or maybe it’s just this place, this country or whatever. But it’s a good thing that not everyone can smell like me. I want to be unique, or like someone on a forum says: I want to be unique too!

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  1. I never buy parfume. People give me parfumes so I never need to go shopping some. 😀 If somebody sais he likes it, it’s ok for me, I don’t need another one. :-j


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