Fashion feeling’s fucked up

“Wear this denim skirt with a white blouse and dark panties.”
“Don’t combine black with black.”
“Never wear two prints together.”
Everyone with a slight interest in how to look good in clothes is being hit by millions of advice: do’s and don’ts. Ignorance is the best way of handling them, I guess, because those tips are in fact not more than a attack to your own taste. Why should we only wear one print at a time? Because when you would be seen by a fashion editor, she would think you’re dressed in a wrong way? But people who dress differently are remarked and called ‘self-willed’ in a positive way. So tell me, why would we listen to advice that changes every time a new collection is showed?
 Lady Gaga: which came first: chicken or egg?

Fashion designers like people that inspire them, like Lady Gaga (it’s up to you to decide whether she’s worth it or not!), but do you ever hear them talk about people who always wear exactly what they made? Let me tell you this: they find it probably quite boring that someone only wears catwalk copies instead of having a personal style and taste. You have a lot of people though, who only care about ‘the newest! the latest! the real!’. Par exemple Anna Dello Russo. She has an appartement for clothes only, because she has so much clothes and shoes that she needs it. Straight from the catwalk stuff, worn once or not and then a news collection arrives and the ‘old’ clothings can’t be worn anymore. Imagine that she would be seen in a pair of trousers of last season… As a fashion director you can’t do that. You’d deserve to be banished.
. Anna Dello Russo, can you even remember this dress?
It is a weird life when you have so many stuff that you are not able to wear everything, and that you wear everything just once. For average people this is impossible, and in fact it is really decadent. Today’s tendency, dear readers, is that you have to renew yourself every time. Every f*cking time you show your face, you should surprise, shock, entertain. You should be feminine, a little bit male and completely up to date. Because – and this might just be the most surprising thing – that would mean you have ‘feeling with clothes’. You’re ‘fashionable’.
Daphne Guinness Daphne Guinness attends the launch of NARS 15X15 a project to celebrate 15 years of NARS at Industria Superstudio on November 12, 2009 in New York City. Daphne Guinness, please shock us!

Permission to doubt all of that? Thanks. I’m not an obedient fashion magazine reader. When someone tells me to do this, I’ll want to do that. Et cetera. Therefor I’m not ‘fashionable’ and so on. But a few weeks ago I combined a  sweater/dress-sweater I bought two years ago with a new pair of stockings and I rediscovered the beauty of the sweater. In my very humble opinion, that is more ‘feeling with clothes’ than Anna Dello Russo has. Clothes are not disposable things. The Zeitgeist wants us to cherish our clothes, to buy clothes that will last long time. The new luxury, remember? Why are fashion pioneers not participating? When, oh when have we stopped thinking for ourselves?
Please. Do me a favour. Wear what you want to wear, don’t mind the opinion of fashion people/magazines and so on. What do they know? In the end, they have to change their mind every collection. We don’t have to. Hell to their opinion, we’ll have our own!

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  1. Great post. Remember at the end of the day ‘we’re’ here (the consumers) to buy, follow and make ‘them’ rich. They don’t really care about us or give us any credit for liking their work. They like the those that defy trends like Gaga, as long as there’s only a few and not a large percentage of the population, because they can control that ‘rebellion’ by investing in it, cashing in – it’s another opportunity to make fashion for the rest of us. Not only do consumers create the wealth by buying, we are employed to do the work of making the garments, and then we pay to advertise them.

    I’m not a label buyer, or a fashion buyer, I buy clothing I like, can afford without going into credit/debt that will take ages to pay off, most of my clothes are second hand, vintage, charity shop, auction and I know when I have enough – I don’t just buy or spend for the sake of it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have style. I’m just not into chain behaviour and I believe in quality/versatility/value. I also like fair trade, I’m not in buying clothes cheap or expensive that have likely come from a sweatshop, or underpaid overworked adult labour either. I like fashion/adornment, the beauty of expression but I don’t think blood, sweat and tears or greed should go into it and I don’t like the way its used as a tool for insecurity to pressure others.

    • Random Female Blog

       /  September 11, 2011

      Thank you for your comment! You have a nice and refreshing attitude, a pleasure to read it. Keep up the good work on your blog!


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