Until it sleeps

By now I must seem to be a die-hard Metallica-fan. I’m not a die-hard, but I like them, yes. I stumbled upon this song yesterday, because I needed loud music. LOUD but not scream or black metal etc. James Hetfield was what I needed. (And the rest too, but I’m not a die-hard so I don’t know their names 🙂 – shame on me though! ) This songs says exactly what I feel, or rather: I’d like some more sleep :). But no, really, it’s a great song, everyone can see it the way they want. It can be about so many things that it speaks of us all.

Sleeping is important, you know. And you dream about what happens to you so you can handle it the next day. Sometimes I really recognize things that happened once and then occur in my dream. But sometimes I wonder why o why I dream what I dream. Sometimes it just seems that my brains are fooling around. Deliveres some good stories the next day :). And surprises you: do I really have that much fantasy?!

Have nice dreams.

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