Internet versus parchment

Internet and computers, they can be so hard to understand… I tried to put our archives on the blog in a better way, but it ended up wrong: the archives became too sec and there was no longer a ‘log in’ on the blog. That didn’t came in handy… I had to log in using an old e-mail with a link to this blog. Hmm.

And computers. The battery of this computer is dead, that is. So I was writing an e-mail, innocently, when suddenly the screen became all black. Hurray! My relationship to computers has improved a lot though. When I was younger, computers seemed to hate me. Now I now: they do hate me, but I can handle them  ;).

Internet can make things easy. Internet can complicate things. No opinion should be kept for oneself, because it’s so easy to spread your word. (Yes, I do know I’m doing right the same) I guess Wikipedia has already saved millions of lives – the lives of pupils who suck at preparing. Google is so much easier than encyclopedias. But the charming effect of writing a letter (by hand!) on parchment with a feather, that must have been great too… At least there wouldn’t be such an eruption of opinions about everything, and I think it feels better getting a hand-written letter than getting an e-mail.
Because e-mails can’t be perfumed.

This post just needed a stereotypical picture :).

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