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Rise against dubstep! 😀
It’s not my favourite style, no, but you might have figured that out already. But this comic is just great, whether you like dubstep or not.

From here.

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  1. What sort of music is dubstep anyway?

    • Random Female Blog

       /  October 2, 2011

      I’m not sure actually…
      …whether you should call it music or computer sounds ;).

      • Ha! I listen to house and trance music for the most part so computer sounds are right up my street!

        I used to be into The Prodigy big time.

      • Ok, it turns out it is similar to garage music. I hate garage music.

      • Random Female Blog

         /  October 4, 2011

        Then the comic only gets better :).
        And don’t worry, there are lots of good songs on this site!
        *check archive*

    • Electronic Dance Music

      • Random Female Blog

         /  October 3, 2011

        I guess you can call it like that. Quite nice that I helped someone finding music, though it isn’t my style. But hey, that’s ok :).

  2. This is the sort of thing I like – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-dZYos24I8

    Listen! To the repetitive beats in the background.
    Observe! The attractive women dancing bizarrely.
    Watch! As a ‘story’ plays out that bears no relation to what is being played.
    Hear! The same samples used throughout the entire song.

    Cracking tune though.

    • Random Female Blog

       /  October 4, 2011

      The spanking part :D. ‘Dancing bizarrely’ is a quite good description, yes. But overall I would still recommand you some good electric guitars! Drums! Raw voices!
      But I DO accept other tastes that are being spread on our blog…. 😉

      • Glad to hear it. You random females are alright if you ask me.

      • Random Female Blog

         /  October 4, 2011

        Thanks! We’re happy that you like us :). And hopefully we keep entertaining you!

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