Babies in flower pots

Two babies, sitting in lettuce, with their heads covered in a piece of lettuce. You might wonder what I am saying, but that was just a description of a poster in our classroom. One from famous Anne Geddes. You know, that woman who pictures babies in the weirdest ways. I mean, what’s cute about a baby sitting in a lettuce? In fact, I find it a little perverse.
And would you be happy if your child would be dressed up as a rabbit and be exposed to the world? Or imagine that you’re an adult and you’re that kid looking like a snail on a poster.
“So, you were a model as a child?”
“Yes, look, this is me sleeping in a tulip.”
“Oh, and that’s you dressed up as a sunflower?”

Maybe it’s due to the fact that I don’t really like babies that I can’t find any pleasure in seeing this. Okay, I was a baby once too, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t some, later. Don’t shoot me for that. There’s a great chance that I will change my mind in a few years.

Back on topic. Are you in favour of babies in flower pots?

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  1. Babies tend to be annoying. Especially when they are brought into the office and every female nearby starts cooing and ahhhing at it.

  2. I think if I were to find a baby in a flower pot, I’d be mightily surprised and not a little peeved. I’ve already got one (baby. Not flower pot) so I don’t need another one. Esp one covered in soil and worms.

    I despair of Anne Geddes, she gives photography a bad name.

    • Aha, so there actually are mothers who share my opinion! It’s a sort of relief that having babies doesn’t necessarily mean that babies conquered your brain.

  3. I totally agree. Years of babysitting were enough birth control for me.


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