Twelve and texting till death

What’s the matter with all those little tiny girls texting all the time? Yesterday I was getting us some baguettes (so tasty, so tasty) when two girls walked in. They were both really tiny, really slender. One of them suddenly took her mobile phone (one of the coolest now) and started texting. At that point I was thinking: come on, what can they tell each other? ‘I want the Sparklebumps Disney doll‘ ? ‘Do you already know that shocking thing about Justin Bieber‘?
Seriously. They were like twelve. That’s too young to discuss extitentialism or the world crisis.
When I was shopping once, two girls entered the shop. One of them was a normal, uncomfortable young girl, aged twelve I guess, wearing clothes like she should wear. But her friend was a dressed-up, venomous looking little girl, covered in make-up. She had a giant bag, which she wore as if she was older, and her phone didn’t leave her hand. Texting, texting, texting. What was she saying?

“Hey, do we have to do excercice 3 for school?”
“Yes. Stupid, isn’t it?”
“Yep. What are you doing?”
“And you?”
“PS 3.”
“Which game?”
“Must be fun.”

Seriously, why would they text each other all the time?
Protect your childhood.
Play with dolls.

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  1. Everyone must know about the Sparklebumps doll!

  2. Oooh, me gots a mention again. I am famous.

    It is infuriating seeing someone texting over and over again. Just bloody ring them!

  3. I remember less than 10 years ago that one of my friend’s mom’s had a car phone and I thought that was really HiTech. We really are setting ourselves up for the robots to take over the world.

  4. Such a poignant issue you discuss here. I have just completed a postgraduate degree and many girls who are in their twenties are constantly glued to their phones, even during lectures! (Can’t blame them in some cases though.) It’s really getting a bit strange – I often wonder what on earth they’re texting about all the time.


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