Beauty is on the inside, but looks aren’t

Therefore I never leave the house without any make-up. It’s not like my face is covered in cremes and stuff, I’m not a bimbo, but I do put on some mascara and perfume. I won’t leave the house without that disguise. It’s a simple thing to do and it makes me look a lot better (at least, that’s what I think). Character is indeed the most important thing, but I can’t help it either that we do have a face. Let’s make the best out of it then.

Some make-up can change your face for better

When I feel like I’m looking good, I feel better. So you won’t see me walking around in jogging trousers and no make-up.
What do you always do before you leave your house?

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  1. I make sure I don’t have any boogers on my shirt. When I sneeze, I sneeze downward. It’s been a problem at times…

    In the winter I make sure that my face isn’t really dry or anything. I’ll throw on some moisturizer then head out and realize a few hours later that I missed a spot.

    That’s all I do, but I’m naturally a beauty.

  2. Becoming Bitter

     /  November 12, 2011

    I pratice shooting cans with my AK47. It always pays to be prepared.

  3. Becoming Bitter

     /  November 12, 2011

    By the way, that picture… is really… nice. Voldemort shall be pleased. He always complains about how he looks. Now I think he’ll finally shut up.

    • Yes, it’s pretty sad when you look like that. So hopefully Voldemort passes by :).
      (Actually, not so long ago, I dreamt of Voldemort. Can’t be coincidence anymore!)

  4. I used to always make sure that I had makeup on when I left the house. Now I just go au naturale. I just make sure I have clothes on.

  5. You look cracking in that picture.

    I go to the gym but don’t wear makeup and having a shaved head means I don’t have to faff about with hair gel.

    • Ehm, to have things right: that’s not me in the picture :).
      Being bald must be so easy! No worries about hair, and you scare everyone away so no one bothers you. I’m so jealous.

  6. jules

     /  November 14, 2011

    I too cannot leave the house without wearing makeup, even on a Sunday! I hate how I look naturally, makeup can create a great mask…. if applied properly! /

    • If applied properly- very true! Make-up can really make you feel better, I know. But people who know you won’t mind you not wearing make up, mostly everyone is too busy with themselves to judge other people. So don’t hate your face!

    • Hey Jules, I left some typically smart-arsed comments on your blogs there. I notice that your name isn’t linked to your blog so you are missing out on visitors. Easily fixed:

      Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings. Scroll right down to the ‘Website’ box and put the full address of your blog there. Save.

      Done! The change will only take effect for comments made after you did it, not existing ones.

  7. Hair gel is an important component of my Ace Ventura looks. Can’t leave the house without it.

  8. I always..but always…wear make-up :)). I don’t like myself without it. I need at least an eyeliner and a teint (not sure if this is called in english). I don’t go out from my house withour feeling at least normal..I need the confidence make-up gives me :)) )


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