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Hehe, someone said that my post about ‘what’s white and smells like black paint’, saved ‘SO much time’.
He ended up in the spam waste.

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  1. Dictator Random Females in the house, controlling all the communications as they see fit.

    • Becoming Bitter

       /  November 16, 2011

      Micheal you would probably be the first person to spam or delete annoying or negative comments on your blog. Don’t deny that you look in mirror each morning and say how awesome you are.

      • Good one, Bitter.
        I wasn’t even the one to delete it! I just checked the spam waste to see if there were any comments you, Michael, commented twice, or that ended up wrongly. It had been dumped there by WordPress- properly.

      • There are pictures of me on 4Chan with the caption “I’m sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”.

        I did ‘spam’ a comment from some Lottery blog as it looked like spam. I then went and posted a bitchy post on their site. They edited my post.

        Turns out they weren’t actually spammers and two days later I apologised on their site.


      • Very cool indeed :).

  2. Becoming Bitter

     /  November 16, 2011

    That’s right kick his ass to the spam box!

    • *kicks*
      Spam can be funny though. It’s worth checking now and then.

      • Becoming Bitter

         /  November 16, 2011

        You are totally right. I got this one spam message this is SO nasty. I will post it just like I promised you. The format the spam is in … will make you laugh.

  3. Becoming Bitter

     /  November 16, 2011

    Sorry I meant *that* is SO nasty. Not this. Grrr… I hate typos. I will put all of that crap into a post soon.


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