Who talks about Twilight when you have this…?

And you thought Robert Pattinson was hot?

Twilight is so last year!
*mind the spelling, this is SO well done*

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  1. Becoming Bitter

     /  November 17, 2011

    *wipes drool*
    Patty doesn’t hold a candle to this slimy and seductive blood sucker.
    I like Bella swine much better than Bella swan too.
    Wow… the werewolf here actually looks old enough to be Bella swine.

    • Becoming Bitter

       /  November 17, 2011

      *to be with* Bella swine.

      CURSE these typos. *composes herself* I need to go study and do work!
      Ughhh this week is killing me.

    • It’s even a WereROWLF. How great is that?
      This will blow away Twilight, I just feel it.

      • Becoming Bitter

         /  November 17, 2011

        I’m already grabbing my popcorn and candy. It will crush twilight and make it into the rubble it is!

  2. Miss Piggy is so in right now!! I am so glad she is back (though she’s obviously had some work done…)!! And thanks for stopping by adventures of tootsie woo!

    -Miss Woo

  3. Not really a fan of the Muppets myself. Sorry to disappoint, like.

    I bet Kermit’s middle finger smells of pork.

  4. Kristen Stewart kind of looks like a Muppet. She’s one of the few celebrities I don’t find attractive. Current 40-something year old balding Joan Jett is hotter than Kristen Stewart ever has or will be.

    I’m such a judgmental pig.

  5. I love it- do you know what I also love? The OPI Muppets line…. there is even a multi-coloured sparkle one called “Rainbow Connection”… I totally wanted to get it last time I got my nails done but chickened out


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