Twirling, dazzling, tumbling snow flakes

I think that the only reason I like snow falling on my blog, is that it doesn’t snow in reality. It started raining, yes, exactly on the first of December, but we’re still snow-proof. Unlike last year. I remember days we had to steer our humble bikes through white obstacles (snow flakes – gathered). But the worst thing, is when it has snowed, people have cycled through it, and it has frozen. Then you can only do one single thing: follow the vestige the one before you has made. Don’t try to leave the path. You will fall.
That’s not pretty comfortable. But even on a bike, you are way earlier than those people who come by car, because their mother doesn’t work and can drive them to school, or because they don’t mind doing that before they go to work. It’s not fair. Anyway, we are the brave who have no other choice than defying the weather.
Not this year. This year we only have rain. For the moment. So we are happy. Unless it rains when we are cycling, of course. But when being home silently and cosy and warm, I will even take a heavy storm.


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  1. I sometimes get days off work when it snows, it’s great.

    The only biking I do these days is at the gym and it would be really annoying if it snowed there.

  2. Becoming Bitter

     /  December 5, 2011

    I’ve never seen snow NBI.

    • What? Where do you live? Do you want to see it, because you can stay here for a while, I guess :). I’ll let you know when it happens and then you just come over.

  3. on my side this year we had a few snow falls…some in jan,feb,march…and a day of snow just this oct.

    today it was real foggy! idk what category that falls into lol


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