The 6th of December

6:50   Rain. Much rain. No way. Ten more minutes.
7:00  *radio playing* Pushing Kicking the snooze button. Shdp. Nine more minutes.
7:02   *not conscious*
7:09   *radio playing*  Shit. Shit. Kicking the off-button. I want to start my winter sleep, now. I’ll close my eyes and sleep until – let’s see – March.
7:10   *not conscious*
7: 18   Crawling out of the bed. Feeling the cold Outside. Entering the bathroom. Finds a collection of stripes on the floor, paws wide open, looking happy. Touching his belly. He snores. He can start his winter sleep.
7:21   Starting breakfast. Bread and chocolate. Still.
7:58   Covering myself in plastic in order to remain not wet.
8:30   Mission failed.
18:13  Typing a New Post.
In Belgium, the 6th of December is somewhat special, because we (we doesn’t include me) get presents then. Does anyone recognise this habit for this day?

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  1. Well, what did you get besides a crappy day?

  2. Nope, never heard of heard of people giving presents out on 6th December. What’s the occasion?

    I didn’t get wet but it was bally cold this morning.

    • Becoming Bitter

       /  December 7, 2011

      What Kinky said. I didn’t know you guys get presents on that day.

      • It’s a sort of Belgian Santa Claus who brings the presents and the chocolate and stuff. I think it’s only in Belgium and the Netherlands. Are you jealous now? 🙂

  3. Haha, manneke, winterslaap is in’t Engels geen winter sleep, maar wel goed gevonden 😉

  4. Sorry voor deze misdaad tegen de mensheid/.

  5. On the 5th of November, we, here in Romania, get gifts too. Mostly sweets. But at us, the reason is Saint Nicholas, or something, as children we “learned” he was Santa Claus’ brother :))

    • Yep, Saint Nicholas! That’s the one who gives the presents. I didn’t find a good way to explain it so that it wouldn’t sound like Santa Claus. He is not common here.


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