Bad habits

Today, I saw a van with this written on it: Rentokil (and something else I can’t remember). It made me think immediately of ‘rent to kill’. Must be Bitters bad influence. I guess she offers this kind of service. Bad influence causes bad habits. Like chewing your lip, of which I’m guilty. It probably makes me look insecure, but when your lips are moulting, it just happens. So I won’t do any effort to stop it.
What is your bad habit? (maybe not succeeding in writing bad habit, like me?)

I’ll add a video for those who didn’t like yesterday’s video. And of course, it fits the post.

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  1. Rentokil are a British pest extermination company. They featured in the first two books of James Herbert’s ‘Rats’ trilogy. Actually, I think Bitter would enjoy reading those and she should check them out.

    At work I used to have a habit of sending stupid emails out. Now I have a blog to do that. In fact some people have said to me that they miss the random things I would email about.

    • Haha, I can understand that. They should read your blog.
      And, ehm, why does our school need a pest extermination company? Because we have things to exterminate, of course, but ewww?

  2. I have way too many bad habits. I used to pick my nails a lot and my mom would take away my action figures. She’d say she was putting them in jail which was a box in her bedroom. The worst was when she’d take away the foot soldiers from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were my favorite.

    I don’t consider most of the things I do now that I would like to no longer do as habits. They’re more just things that make up the strange person that I am.

    • Harsh punishment. They always know your weaknesses.
      In the end, habits (bad/good) indeed make up the person you are. Which is a great excuse to not change!

  3. Cool share!


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