Ballet, punk rock and dots

Tonight, home alone, glass of port wine, and my favourite version of La Bayadere playing. Woot woot! Yes, my dears, my father brought me the DVD of the ballet La Bayadere, which you all know because if you scroll down, you see a video with a girl in red. That video is a part of the ballet. Even better, the girl in red is Darcey Bussell. Once she wrote a book about ballet, with a lot of pictures, and I know it by heart because our library had it. And now she appears in one of my favourite ballets, in one of my favourite ballet pieces. Dots connect. Is that an expression? I have stolen it from Steve Jobs.

There are more examples. You might have noticed that I like The Offspring. For the moment, at least. I’m such a music slut. When I was about 11, my brother bought some cd’s of them, and I really liked them. Imagine a tender blond girl who loves ballet and The Offspring. You know The Offspring too, because when you scroll down, you see a video with red text, and that is a song made by them. Anyway, I liked them when I was 11, but I’m older now. What happened? Well, I ‘lost’ them. Not using Internet, it was hard to find good music. The radio was all I got. Which isn’t pretty good. Then I discovered Internet, found some music I liked, changed my favourites every time, and bought an iPod. When you have to drive your bike alone, music is a great thing. Mostly I don’t hear a lot of the songs, but the idea that there’s music playing is good too.


Not for sensitive ears. Great for mine.

But hard music is nice, so you do hear something. So I once put my iPod on shuffle (note: I do not know half of the music on my iPod) and waited for a loud song. The one that succeeded, was Gone Away, by The Offspring, but that’s quite logic because I’m writing about them now. A few weeks later we went to Prague. Beautiful city. I couldn’t stop listening to the song. I was addicted. We walked around in Prague’s streets and suddenly we passed by a lamppost with a poster on it: that evening, The Offspring came to Prague.
Shocking, ain’t it? A few days later they would come to Belgium, but a tragic storm caused the festival they would participate in to end. (Ignore any wrong sentences. Thanks) Now I’m completely addicted to them. I can’t just like something. But if we talk again in about six months, it will change again. I even tire myself with that.

It can’t be coincidence. That would just be to… accidental. No, I can’t deem if coincidence exists or not. I just know that it causes great stories to tell afterwards. But sometimes it just seems like everything is connected. Isn’t it?

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  1. The Offspring aren’t really my thing to be honest. Most of their songs seem a bit… ‘shouty’ if that makes sense.

    They did some tunes for the Sega game Crazy Taxi and whatever ones they were actually seemed to fit the game quite well.

  2. The Offspring are so cool. I used to play a video game, Crazy Taxi, and they did the background music on it. That was my first introduction to them.Haha oh now I noticed that Michael just said that….

  3. Very cool post. Funny, irreverent and just plain cool!

    • Thanks, but irreverent…? I agree on the rest though :).

      • I am not sure how you would define irreverent exactly but it’s like a cross between surreal and meaningless. It’s usually used to describe certain types of humour – you ever seen Eddie Izzard doing his standup routines?

        I have it in the tagline of my own blog so it is a good thing…!

      • “Did I leave the gas on? No, I’m a fucking squirrel!”
        Maybe that is why my brother liked you too. I searched up a translation to know whether irreverent is good or bad, but it sounded negative, actually. i’ll take it as a compliment.

  4. Offspring is a odd one, I must have a few songs of theirs on my iPod because if I stick it on random I am treated to Come Out And Play or something else… It is a nice treat for a change… Great blog.


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