Conversations… beware

Gin time has come now Christmas (what a duck! like we celebrate Jezus’ birth) comes closer every day. Gin time means that people can act weird at 3 o’clock on a Sunday. Oh yes. I was in the back of our garden, taking care over my rabbit, when I heard people walking over the little path behind our house. It leads to a little building where there was a Christmas cafe. I heard a witch laughing. The people were talking, I thought it was about trains or something. But then. I heard them talking about ‘ten euros’. And suddenly they stopped, right behind me. I could see them slightly, but decided to stay very quiet.
Witch: “What do you have to do then?”
Man: “Well, you have to drop your pants”  This was the point were I realised there were no trains involved. “And then he takes your penis”  What? “And he goes like *blowing sound* and again *blowing sounds* . And then he does ‘feeeeeeeeee’.”
Witch: extreme laughter. Extreme witch laughter.
Me: *looks left*
*looks right*
*adds it to traumalist*
The damn bitch even scared my rabbit.

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  1. The man said “HE takes your penis?”. Yuck, gay jokes are nasty.

  2. The witch was really a witch or a figure of speech?:))

  3. Becoming Bitter

     /  December 12, 2011


  4. Was the witch wicked or good?

  5. “The damn bitch even scared my rabbit.”
    Great closing! Hilarious!

  6. Alles gaat over penissen vandaag. Heb juist het hele mannelijke voortplantingsstelsel geleerd. Nou.
    Voor de rest: ik snap het niet helemaal. Waar gebeurd verhaal??! *shock*


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