Dogged does it

Me: “Hi, with No Blog Intended.”
He: “Eeeerrmmmm….. am I at Father of NBI’s house?”
Me: “Yes, but my father is not here.”
He: “Aaaannnd… when will he be back?”
Me: “Well, half past 5, more or less.”
He: “Oookay, I’ll call back later then.”

A few days later.

Me: “With No Blog Intended.”
He: “Hi, I’m from This Cheap Internet Provider Thing. I… would like… to offer you this-”
Me: “I’m sorry, but my parents aren’t here at the moment.”
He: “Oh. Uh. Hm. When will they return?”
Me: “Half past 5?”
He: “Ooookkaaay, I will call again.”

A few days later.

Me: “With No Blog Intended.”
He: “I’m… Some Person from This Cheap Internet Provider. Am… I talking to Mister Father Of Blogger?”
Me: “No, he’s not here for the moment.”
He: “Aaand are you the one who arranges everything that has to do with the phone and Internet?”
Me: “No, I’m the daughter.”
He: “When can I talk to your parents?”
You can’t, *ssh*le.
Me: “They arrive at half past 5 more or less.”
He: “Oookay, I’ll call again then.”
Good boy.

A few days later.

Phone rings.
Mother: “That is That Internet Provider.”
Me: “I’m not going to answer!”
Father answers the phone.
“Yes, I heard about your offer, but what does it actually offers because that is not clear to me….”
“That is not expensive… How come you can offer that?”
“But I get daily offers from other providers too, can’t they offer me the same?”
“No no, it is included already. Really, I can see it on the bill here.” *looks on bill*
“And how does it work exactly?”
“I hope you offer a better telephone line, because I can hardly hear you.”

Mother and I smile.
Die, bitch, die.

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  1. Telesales is an awful job. It was my first job after leaving school and it was what made me realise that I was a horrendous salesman.

    If someone was rude to me I would note down the phone number and pass it around to other people. They would then call that number pretending to be from different companies selling different things.

    I also kept a list of people who had funny answer phone messages.

  2. ::claps::

    I know it’s not their fault or anything. They’re just do their job. After that many phone calls though, someone is continuing to screw up.


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