What NBI wants

I know I can’t escape it, so merry Christmas everyone!
For this special event of drinking and eating, I will tell you about things I like.
– Brushing my teeth! When they are sticky, it feels so good to brush them and make them clean again. Such a great feeling!
– Darts. When we slept over at a classmate’s house, we’ve played it several times. Not with everyone at a time, of course. It was really really fun and I was pretty good at it too. In the morning we started a game with two people, but more and more people joined in and we ended up with six people playing darts. Yeah.


– Balloons. The same night and day I had a lot of fun with balloons. Creates a great spirit of friendship when you try to keep it moving together. When it falls, the earth will vanish. That’s what we made up, at least.
– Warm showers. Because they are warm. Need I say more? I let the temperature go up until my legs turn red. That’s the best temperature.
– Cleaning up a mess. I’ve been doing it all day at work, and it gives such a good feeling of, you know, cleanness. Oddly enough I don’t mind a mess at home. Maybe because I don’t get payed to clean it up.
– Talking with you, my dears. You know I like you all. *kiss* (How many kisses do you give for Christmas? It’s interesting how different it can be. Here, you have to give three. What are you waiting for?)
– My mother made chocolate truffles with cinnamon and clove. God.
– A fresh magazine can make my heart beat faster. That’s the truth. Even when I don’t like today’s fashion. Just the feeling of all those pages and pictures… That’s just… it. I can’t even throw them away. I still have Glamours of 2010. Seriously.

Let’s stop here. What makes you happy, my dears? What can I offer you so you will return here? A biscuit perhaps?

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  1. Biscuits rule!

  2. This post is chock full of girly innocence, it’s fantastic. Saying your teeth are sticking made we wonder what disgustingly perverted things you have been up to.

    I am rubbish at darts and get beaten by women so I don’t ever play it.

    I like the feeling when I walk out of the gym after a workout. It doesn’t actually hit me until I have left the gym building but it’s jolly good when it does.

  3. now lets look forward to the new years celebration! lol

    happy new year!

  4. Thoughts of the New Year gives me happy thoughts … knitting and yarn … writing just makes me insane but I can’t help myself.

  5. So jolly. Are you on drugs?


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