Awkwardness of life

I wanted to post something.
And then I got tired. I have so much to do and so little time. There are mails to answer, there are blogs to read, comments to make, movies to watch, hours to sleep. Tomorrow I have to rise early so I have to go to bed in time.
Much of an exciting life here.
So I will just tell you two awkward things that happened today.

A woman came up to me and asked: “Do you have tea glasses?” I was just about to turn around and show her, when another woman appeared and asked “Do you have tea glasses?”
Very odd! People had never asked me before.

I was busy with some glass stuff, getting it more to the front so people can see it, when I heard a crisping sound. I thought ‘O no, what did I do?’. Then a big glass shard fell right behind me. One of the glass bowls just broke. Odd.

My day has been so amazing! Well, actually it was quite okay and I will probably post more about it, but now a movie waits for me.
And a great desert too.

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  1. I hope they were both lesbians and this was the moment where they found their soul mates. They’ll sip tea together for years then adopt an African baby.

  2. I am assuming this all happened at work and not the New Year’s Eve bus stop…?

    Years ago I worked in a furniture shop and had to assemble 100+ chairs. I did the arms wrong on every single one. Playing with the pin gun was fun though.

    Enjoy your sleep!

    • How did you know? It was indeed at work.
      Oooooh, those situations are very *curseword*. Things go wrong sometimes, but when things are 100+, your life is destroyed.

  3. I don’t think I would be allowed to be around that much glass. I would probably break the entire store! That does seem like a weird day though!

    • The glass is against us. It wasn’t only the bowl yesterday, there were even more glass things broken, and today another girl broke some of the smaller glass cups too, and dropped some others. There is something wrong there…

  4. Addie

     /  January 8, 2012

    What movie? What dessert?

    • You guessed very well that I wouldn’t get a desert.
      The movie was Swan Lake by a German ballet company, and the dessert was something with biscuits and quark and… well, it’s my mother’s invention, so it doesn’t really have a name.
      Or I just don’t know it.

      • You could eat a desert, but, sand would stick in your teeth, you’d be parched, then, you’d be forced to listen to Oasis.

  5. Tea glasses? For iced tea? Aren’t they just regular drinking glasses? So interesting. And I, too, like Moose’s theory. He’s got a writing curse right now, so that means it will come true.

    • No, tea glasses have handgrips… Because tea is warm is hot, and then, well, are handgrips quite comfortable.
      Oh yes, the curse! Unfortunately it’s impossible to know if what he said came true, but let’s think it has.

  6. “Into every life a little glass must fall..”, right?


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