You might know that I read a magazine every now and then (*cough*), and yesterday I read the column of a male. Males are known for their lack of care for what women wear, but this guy did care – about one specific thing, at least. That thing made him cry for mercy (or is it my imagination?):
You know, those rather inelegant shoes made of wool, or any other material, because most people won’t spend so damn much money on such ‘shoes.’ They are very expensive, warm, not elegant as mentioned before, and the male hated them, because of those reasons. He stated that women who wear Uggs must have smelly feet because they are kept very warm. They also must have musty feet, because when those shoes become wet, not unusual up here, your feet will be kept warm and damp inside the Uggs. Next to that, they don’t have heels so they are to be banned anyway. (His opinion)
In his home country, too many women wear them, he said, so he came to Antwerp, believing that women there have a better taste and fashion feeling. But what happened? Belgian women turned out to wear Uggs en masse too! Male was disappointed.
And I simply can’t disagree. I must confess that I have fake Uggs too, but I bought them to go to Sweden, where they are useful, so that doesn’t count, does it? Now I use them at home, where a lot more things are allowed. That’s how things go.
But here, you even see Uggs in summer time. And winter time. But remember: when you see a picture of yourself now later on, will you want to face the truth – that you wore Uggs? Would you really?
And even worse: a few days ago it froze for the first time. We’re not a very cold country (this year). And still, the ugliest Uggs are produced and sold.

Going out, dressing up, acting flirty and... wearing this.

What animal did you kill for this?

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  1. Uggs are very “Uggly”. But on cold days, they are so warm and comfy! It’s like putting your feet inside of a sheep! Wait…that sounds gross…!

    • That does indeed sound gross! You have my blessing for wearing them when it is really cold. Functional clothes are accepted when needed. But otherwise you just don’t wear them. You just don’t.
      I’m happy you got the joke :).

  2. AgrippingLife

     /  January 18, 2012

    One more reason I’m uncool!!!! I like my feet to be toasty and warm when it’s cold. I think all boots intended for warmth are ugly, aren’t they?

    • Yep. It’s choosing for beauty or warmth. Nothing in between.
      Actually that’s not true. I have boots that allow me to keep my feet alive AND look good. Or is it just me thinking they look good?

  3. I too despise Ugg boots. They look horrendous and the ‘but they are so WARM!’ excuse wears a bit thin after a while.

    Generally speaking people don’t pay huge sums of money just for a warm pair of shoes. They are a fashion item!

  4. Addie

     /  January 18, 2012

    I wear Emu boots, because they were cute, they keep my tootsies warm and I found them NIB on eBay for the cheap. I wear them on cold days, only. I find myself puzzled by women who are on the dole, yet can afford Uggs. Wait. What? You are paying for your food with assistance, your baby is dirty and has snot everywhere and isn’t warmly dressed, and you have on $150 boots??

  5. I obviously can’t spot the difference between a pair of Uggs or a pair of knockoffs called Shruggs. But boots on a girl just look nice. I think it might have something to do with it slims out the rest of their body. Big fat feet mean thinner looking legs. At least that’s my primitive theory.

    • Permission to be mean? (Let’s say you answer: ‘Given!’)
      I don’t need big fat feet to look slim because I’m naturally thin and that gives me the right to judge the fat girls everywhere who need to enlarge theri feet even more! Nah!

  6. AgrippingLife

     /  January 19, 2012

    That’s my theory, as well. The bigger the boot the thinner your legs will look. That’s why I like those après ski boots, faux of course, but I think those are super slimming. Haha!

    • Après ski is still another situation, I believe. I mean, those skiing places can be quite cold… There is not one single other reason for wearing them! But because I like you, you will not be banned ;).

  7. I just want to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the versatile-blogger-award. Check out the rules and all on my blog.
    Thanks. 🙂

  8. “What animal did you kill for this?”
    My daughter loves her Uggs, but I just don’t get it…

  9. Addie

     /  February 1, 2012

    I will not give up my Emus–neither the boot nor the breeding pair I bought in eBay. They, the boots, are the high over the knee style

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