Stop ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ Act!

There was a time, an ancient time, when there was a girl named Persephone. She was the daughter of Demeter, who wanted to raise her daughter to be a free and wise woman, but free above all. Human beings should not be locked up in other people’s opinions, she believed, and that’s why she let Persephone running around in the wonderful world. The world was in fact quite wonderful, sometimes a bit frightening are not very right, but over all, there were very good places. Like for example, a great source where you could find almost everything. People knew that place, visited it often and still the source grew larger. It never ran out of stuff and it became one of the most well-known places of the Earth.
There were also little gardens, made by all kinds of people. You could create your very own place and people could come and see that space where you could share yourself by showing stuff. (This is not meant suggestive)
But not all went well. There was the Underworld, where you’d go after your death. As it was a sort of kingdom, it needed a sort of king, and that king was Hades. He was a vile, sly man, living in his world of death and despair. He didn’t care for the haunting voices that pealed everywhere, even the howling of the good couldn’t make him sad. But from his world of death, he could see pieces of the world above, full of light and possibilities. And, above all, he could see a young child, innocent and beautiful, running around freely. It made him dream of having her in his kingdom. That idea would not go away. He wanted her to be his wife.
And he would manage it.
When Persephone celebrated her 18th birthday, she went to the wide fields to gather some flowers. Why wouldn’t she? There were flowers everywhere and it was so easy to take them with her. But then, Hades appeared, all of sudden, took her arm and dragged her down to the Underworld, saying:
– I cannot let you run freely!
I have to stop this piracy
And when I’ll take you with me
It’s the right thing, surely
Freedom will not longer be
Borders will be there to see!
She cried out:
– Should I shiver in fear
For I’ve lost all I held dear
My freedom to tell?
You brought me here
My mouth you will steer
Here in this censored Hell!

(At that time, people still spoke like this)
From that moment on, Persephone would never be free again. Sixth months per year she would return to her free world, but Hades never left his grip on her and never would she taste freedom again.

It seemed like good story to write in these strike times. As far as I’m informed, SOPA and PIPA will ruin some people’s living. It’s hard to judge because it’s hard to find objective information, but when even Wikipedia blacks out, and this censorship will hurt WordPress too, I feel like I should do something. Like writing a story no one understands… Or do you now get everything?

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  1. Persephone’s story is one of my favorites. They say that her mother Demeter would become depressed when her daughter was away for 6 months–thats why we have fall and winter. And she would be happy again when her daughter came back.
    It’s a good story and I like how you related it to piracy!

  2. Nice story there, I am actually utterly unfamiliar with Persephone though!

    In a nutshell SOPA is a badly-written piece of US legislation that various media companies tried to bring in. This included music, film, game and software companies. Some companies that initially wanted to be a part of it pulled out (like Microsoft) and others were against it right from the start (like Google).

    One way it would be bad for us bloggers is that people post links to YouTube videos and use pictures they got from Google images. SOPA would mean that WordPress would be responsible for the content of every single blog they hosted. Remember that people upload songs and videos to YouTube that they don’t have the legal right to do so.

    So, if you posted a link to a YouTube video of a Lady Gaga song the whole of WordPress could be taken offline because of it. WordPress would have to make sure that every song, every link and every picture that someone posted did not infringe any copyrights.

    Lady Gaga could then come along and ask for the whole of WordPress to be taken offline. She wouldn’t have to provide any proof that the link did actually infringe her copyrights. WordPress would then have to spend time and money to prove their innocence. If it turned out that Lady Gag was wrong she would not suffer any penalties unless WordPress could prove that she did it malicously.

    So imagine every singer, every actor, every record label, every game company being able to do this every time they found a blog that MIGHT be infringing on their copyright. WordPress would practically cease to exist, as would YouTube and most Internet forums.

    Don’t get me wrong, artists have a right to protect their work but SOPA was bad for just about everyone.

  3. AgrippingLife

     /  January 19, 2012

    Great explanation, Michael. It’s a runaway train. Everyone started using the technology before there were any laws in place, etc. I don’t think the government/ laws will ever be able to keep up with it? I do feel for artists and film makers, etc. because that’s their livelihood.

  4. Maybe in America we think it is up to us to find a solution? I think that’s how our countries are different?

    • I think she meant it isn’t up to us, the plebs, to find the solution but the politicians.

      But them Belgians haven’t had a proper government for yonks so who knows.

      • Please have mercy. Like Michael said, I ment that it is not up to us plebs to solve it all. Partly it is, but after all we have elections to choose people to do it for us, right? Isn’t that the whole point of elections?
        And don’t expect the Belgian government to do something about it. They can’t even arrange a government with the party that won the elections.
        One small final note: Internet is not owned by someone, so if the American government decides to get these strict rules going, it has an influence on the rest of the world, and that isn’t pretty fair either. Yes, artists’ right should be protected, but if SOPA was the way to do that? I doubt.

  5. Very creative post, my friend! One of your best!


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