The Paleness of the Ideal

It’s an odd kind of energy that runs through my veins.
It started with opening my eyes. I can’t remember opening them, but suddenly I saw light and sculptures surrounding me. White marble and pale faces. Then I heard the murmur of the sea, a few seconds before I realized it was the water crawling upon the rocks. Birds sang. I could hear it all, the wind knocking on the door.
My lips left each other and I could feel the air softly flowing in, from my mouth to my throath until it filled my lungs. My chest moved upwards, as if the air made me float.
It was an odd kind of energy that runned through my veins. It made me stretch my fingers and then clench them to fists. My nails pushing in the soft flat of my hand. The door creaked under the wind’s caresses. I could feel it, the tiny fingers on my face, every now and then.
It flowed and waved and runned through my veins. My legs bent, stretched. My toes curled.
What a strange feeling of lifting your hand, not obeying gravity, and touching your face. The space right above your eye is the softest. I could feel it with the tips of my fingers. My eyes feel so vunerable, with only the eye lashes as guards. My lips smiled when I touched them unexpectedly. I didn’t know I could smile. Did I smile before? I couldn’t remember anything before the light and the sculptures. Was that birth? I don’t know. It seems like I just feel and breathe. The movement while breathing, up and down. And then the energy, the tingle of oxygen.

Then the door opened and he came in. He looked stunned. Whispered: “Galatea… My sweet Galatea… How I have prayed… Begged! My sweetheart…” I watched his face and knew it was him who made me.
And I felt nothing but the cold of marble.

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  1. Love your descriptions! So vivid. I did think it was the birth of a baby but then had to re-read again. The marble was the best clue.
    Lovely. Nice work.

  2. Very nice. I’d say my interpretation but I am afraid of being wrong.

    • Don’t be afraid! I’m a very understanding person and only gossip when the subject doesn’t hear it. It would be very interesting to hear other people’s interpretation.

  3. Addie

     /  January 31, 2012

    I gathered it was the creation of art. The description can be childbirth and childbirth is akin to the birth of a child–minus Lamaze.

  4. “It’s an odd kind of energy that runs through my veins.”
    It’s a great creative energy that runs through your veins, my friend!


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