When I look into her eyes I see the sunshine when its rainin got under her skin im in her veins headin to her vital point…Im a stay there

This was a spam comment that was worth checking my spambox. Because if someone ever tells me this, I will a) fall in love immediately, b) be a bit scared because of the ‘vital point’ thing which sounds like a doctor saying it, c) laugh uncomfortably and above all d) know he was the damn spammer.
It was from a dating site, and it does sound as a good advert.

(By the way, after my reaction on Diatrabes’ comment, this site contains 666 comments… Eeegh.)

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  1. Cool. My spam mostly wants to know what’s wrong with my web browser.

  2. The veins bit sounds like something Dracula would say.

  3. It sounds like the lyrics to a song, a stalker song?

  4. I wrote a television pilot and the main villain says exactly 666 words. I found that equally as creepy.

    I had a weird spam comment the other day. I think it was insulting. Maybe it wasn’t spam?

  5. 666? Very lucky number, right?


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