Music festivals here are quite present and popular, especially the one I will call, very subtly, ‘W’. Now, it was revealed that The Cure would come there, and that was the point where I felt a sudden great need to go to W. I mean, The Cure! Yesterday new names were publishes and on the same day Rise Against will come. That was the point where I started to panic slightly. Tickets aren’t unlimited… Big Names… People going there…. Help! So I thought: I’ll buy a ticket tonight, before it’s all sold out.
So I sat in front of the computer, pushing my brother away (okay, it went a little differently) and saying: “I really don’t know how to do this…”
And that is VERY TRUE. So, here’s the hint: don’t leave me alone when I do something similar. Don’t go away. I’m serious.
Various difficulties were passed and then the site wouldn’t accept the card number. Although I tried it in many, MANY different ways and yes, I knew that I had the use the number with the word ‘card’ in front of it.
Still, no one came to help me until I had been sighing enough to get everyone crazy. That was the point where my father, poor victim, got pissed enough to help me.
After various problems, we succeeded though.

How I hate buying things on the Internet.

At least I’m going to The Cure now. THE CURE. *bows humbly*

We should have each other to tea, huh?
We should have each other with cream

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  1. I hate buying things online, as well. It makes me nervous. I always end up having to fill out the block of information over and over! That was nice of your dad to help ; )

    I’m sure the concert will be well worth all the effort.

    • If my dad wouldn’t have helped me, things woul have become even worse… But yes, he’s a nice dad :). I did it over three times or more, it seems like you can’t succeed from the first time, so weird!

  2. Annoymous

     /  February 11, 2012

    Cursing at the PC helps, I’ve found. Not to make it go easier, but, you feel the better for it after shaking your fist at the Interwebs and saying, in a stern voice, “GOSH DARN YOU!!”

  3. That festival has so many good bands! You’ll have so much fun! It would be awesome to see the Cure live!

  4. You lucky lucky… concert-goer! I love The Cure, please enjoy them for me too! I’m sure I’ll never ever get to see them :))

  5. The Cure or The Cars…which one is more famous? My friend insists it’s The Cars but no one has ever agreed with him. Please everyone, feel free to agree with me.

  6. OMG I am soooo jealous! What is this festival you’re referring to? I adoooore The Cure and this song especially.

    • It’s a Belgian festival, so I don’t know if you know it…
      This song always makes me happy :). The Cure is really great. How many bands are there that go on for ages like them?

      • I know right?!
        Also, I always imagined if I had a one-woman show, it would be a cat production set to this song on repeat. I’d be in full consume of course, but I’d wear a wig like Robert Smith’s.

      • If you ever, ever need promotion for your one woman show, just give me a sign!

      • Thanks for your support. I will keep you posted šŸ˜‰

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