Would the world be better in black and white?

By Annemarieke van Drimmelen.

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  1. it would sometimes..but then color is just an amazing thing too.

  2. I love black and white photography. I use to dabble in photography in high school and I remember the teacher explaining that a great B&W photo should have a pure white and a pure black. Now when I see pictures in B&W I look for that intensity. It’s amazing how many are just shades of gray.

    I like the world in color although it would be great to have a switch to turn it off and on as needed.

  3. Addie

     /  February 13, 2012

    I think Black and White photography is far harder to create than color photography.

  4. Nifty pictures there actually. Some black and photos look great.

  5. Love those pictures! A black and white world would level the playing field I think. Things wouldn’t be as complicated. Everyone would look the same, for the most part. Color is something we use to define ourselves! But it is fun to think of a world in black and white. Kind of like the Wizard of Oz!

    • I’m guitly of never having seen the Wizard of Oz…
      Black and white might be easier, but still… I once wanted to see a ballet movie of which the story took place in India, so with lots of bright colour and sparkles and stuff. But due to some problems it was black and white, and believe me, like that was dissapointing…

  6. It would make it harder to spot an emo kid.

    Color is good. It would be too hard to find your car if the two choices were black or white.

    • What do you need to spot emo kids for? To throw rocks at them?
      But you are very right about the cars! I’ve never thought of that. (With a reason, maybe)


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