Help needed

I need your help.
I need some ideas about how to dress up. You see, in about two weeks we’ll be celebrating our last 100 days of high school, and then we have to dress up as someone or something famous.
And I do not know how.
It has to be something rather easy, not too difficult, and if a person, then female.

Any ideas?

Oh, if only I had the clothes for this…

And this, but maybe it’s a bit… too much for school?

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  1. Light blue denin jeans.
    Knee-high black or brown boots.
    Tight white top.
    Optional light blue denim jacket.

    Classic look that all women look great in. Say you are a popstar or something.

    • Possibility.
      Although I’d prefer something which is clear immediately: ‘oh, you are ….!’
      I thought of Catwoman, for example, because that wouldn’t be too difficult. But I’m not sure… And I don’t have cat ears – yet.

  2. Sheena

     /  February 14, 2012

    Ghandi? I bet no one thinks of that one…

  3. Hmm dressing up as someone is hard to do. I’m gonna think about this for a while and then write back!

  4. Here are some ideas – things that popped in my head.
    Cleopatra – I think this would be good and easy / you could do cool eye make-up
    Mickey or Minnie Mouse
    Whitney Houston- Just Kidding!!
    Any Greek goddess – Athena, Aphrodite? (requires a white sheet/ toga and branches in hair
    Any Disney Heroine; Cinderella, Snow white, Little Mermaid, etc.
    How about the subject of a painting – Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earring, Girl in Hyacinth Blue, etc.
    Lady MacBeth
    Romeo’s Juliet

    Now you know who to go to for ideas! : )

    • Woah, thanks alot Lisa! I also thought of Cinderella (plastic see through shoes, they do exist!) or Mona Lisa, but unfortunately I’m blonde, so I would need a wig for that. But you certainly give good inspiration, thanks!

  5. I thought for sure you were brunette! haha! Isn’t that interesting? Your responses are not blonde– at least to me! : )

  6. Not David Bowie! Anyone but that astronaut wannabe.

    Dress up like a cat, you’ll have the boys drooling after you. You’ll have your “pick of the litter.” And by litter I mean how cats are born into litters, not that that’s where they urinate and poop on.

  7. Maybe you could do a cartoon character, or disney character. Those are always pretty easy. Or, a superhero or villian–like your idea of cat woman. Maybe? I don’t know.


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