Tag Line

(Tag, because I’m tagged, and Line because it’s a sort of line, you know, you have to pass tags on and well, it resembles a line, slightly. Right?)

The pressure of being tagged twice… Thanks to Lisa and Addie anyway!

But the questions are far to interesting to ignore! First the rules though…
1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

(Of course you don’t have to obey)

Small problem… How am I supposed to tag eleven other people when they’re already tagged twice? The best way of dealing with this kind of things though, is just postponing until you really have to do it.

So that’s exactly what I’ll do.


Now, the questions.

1. If deserted on an island what is the one book, one film, and one album/CD you would request.
The book would be Lolita. I even bought it today. Just because… The film is harder, there aren’t too many films that really satisfy me. If I could take the Royal Ballet 1991 version of La Bayadere though, I’d be rather contented. I cannot choose between all those great Cd’s. I really cannot!
2. In Heaven, I hope there’s an unlimited supply of sleep? love? fake fur?.

3. If I could change one body part it would be my  *looks at body* it would be the form of my head seen from the side.

4. My favorite day of the week is – they all seem to suck. But okay, Friday is quite good. And Saturday mostly. And Sunday because it’s the only day I can sleep as long as I want. Because damn, I just told you that for Sunday. Friday is quite okay because we have rather nice subjects then. Saturday because it’s such a long day. I start with a 2 hour lasting dance class and sometimes it ends in a cafe. Which is rather okay too.

5. The person who makes me laugh the most is that one good friend of mine. (They all think it’s them now 🙂 )

6. My dream occupation would be dancing. Not really unexpected, right?

7. My favorite dream car is a bike. Seriously, I do not know anything about cars…

8. My most hated Teacher was that one asshole (I cannot say more- I might still have him/her). Worst class plenty. No, not plenty. We used to have a sort of art class, but the teacher was really expecting too much, and you had to spent so much time on it… I didn’t agree on his way of teaching. (And he just didn’t understand my art… Far too avant-garde for him) But eerm, I still disagree on plenty of teachers now. I guess I’m too critical.

9. Would you rather be eaten by sharks or eaten by lions? Or, live in a world of mud? (This last option is a family joke, by the way.)
Lions. You know, when my cat attacks my arm, his teeth and nails hurt me, but his fur is very soft. Imagine you have a whole lion attacking you. Must be even more softness!
(LiC, if you want to hug a cat, then I really do not understand that you choose the mud!)

10. My favorite smell is my unfindable (okay, I just made up that word) perfume.

11. If I had to change my first name it would be (how do you know I don’t say my real first name now?) Ailyn, perhaps.

That was only part 1… To be continued.

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  1. Ailyn is a very nice name actually. If I met someone with that name I would ask them if they were raised by elves. It looks nice written down.

    • That’s exactly what I think too!
      By the way, I just finished your second story. I wanted to read on, but once I was reading I just couldn’t stop. I can’t really say anything about it as it made me all silent. Normally I don’t like war stories, but yours is way more than just fighting.
      You are a great writer Michael, and I’m glad I have access to your stories!

      • Thank you kindly NBI and I am glad you enjoyed it!

        I love the whole WWII era so I quite enjoyed writing it once I got going. I want to write some more but I need to find the right angle first.

  2. AgrippingLife

     /  February 22, 2012

    I like the name Ailyn, as well. Very pretty. I get the sense that dancing is a big part of who you are…? fairly obvious. Haha! I also like how you avoided naming the person who makes you laugh the most, very clever, indeed. : )

  3. Romans used to feed Christians to the lions. I once saw a museum rug of that being depicted. Never before has a rug caught my attention.


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