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Part 2 of Mission Tag. This time, I thank Addie (thanks, Addie) for these easy, quickly answered questions.

1. Die a bit younger with all your facilities or, die at a ripe old age, having no idea what is going on.

Die a bit younger, I guess. Having all your facilities is a nice thing.

2. Have you ever eaten gefilte fish?

*lets Google translate do his job* I think not. I’m not very fond of eating dead animals, you know… So I wouldn’t choose it myself, I guess.

3. Your perfect companion. (Yes, LiC and Guap, you may just post photos of your beloved).

Oh dear, I feel so single… Anyone who worships me, or anyone who is interesting. I mean, interesting to me, forever. And a nice body would be pleasant too. Intelligence is needed. Otherwise you really cannot understand my spontaneous remarks and jokes. Further on some stuff no one wants, like humour and kindness.

4. Do you still write real letters?

No, and I find that quite a pity! I do have a diary though, but I don’t write in letter form. Writing by hand is still more fun than typing. But also slower.

5. Movie or play or book?

Book. There aren’t much movies or plays that really impressed me so far. (I’m saying this so many times that I’m afraid I seem to be whining…)

6. What have you done you’d prefer your parents not discover?

After 17 years there aren’t too many things I should hide for my parents. In fact I’m a really nice girl. Never been drunk. Never smoken a cigarette. Never taken drugs.

7. Do you/Did you like your inlaws? (me Nope.)

I hate them because I don’t have them… 😉

8. Regular coffee or the fancy schmancy stuff?

Cappuccino. With whipped cream. I drink no other coffee than that.

9. One thing on your bucket list.

(Is this about things to do before you die…?) There are many things to do before I die. But somehow, I cannot think of something right now…

10. Biggest surprise you’ve had.

Unfortunately not a surprise party! Why does my memory let me down? Oh wait, when I discovered that the Belgian version of Santa Claus didn’t exist, there was disbelief. I still find a bit cruel of the friend who told me that. I was too young. I couldn’t deal with it.

11. Pick an ethnicity other than you own. Why?

Russian. Does that count as an ethnicity? Because I like the Russian language and I’ll probably do it at university.

Now I have to pick other bloggers to answer to my questions….
Which is hard…
Let’s say I’ll do that another time!

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  1. I worship you every day, NBI. I would gladly take you out and get you drunk and introduce you to things that would appal your parents if they found out about them.

    I would be too scared to go to Russia though.

    • Hopefully my parents don’t read my blog… They would forbid any further contact with you.

      What’s wrong with Russia? They had an important role in WW2.

      • They certainly did.

        To be honest it’s the leadership and all the sinister stuff that I don’t like about Russia. The people of Russia have suffered horrendously throughout their entire history whilst the people at the top have done nothing but conspire against them.

        When a Russian politician mentions the Russian death toll during WWII it makes me want to shove a picture of Catherine the Great down their throat. The reason the death toll was so high for them was entirely down to the leadership at the time.

        So for the leadership to try and garner sympathy for it annoys me.

      • That is frustrating, yes. And unfair and unfriendly and more bad things.
        But to be honest, isn’t every country more or less this way? Some just hide it better than others.

  2. How’s the Belgian Santa any different from the black one that we’re all used to?

  3. dying young in the sense that you wont be a burden on anyone is always a good thought…i think. interesting questions and answers!!!

    • I didn’t even think of that reason…! I was thinking: it must be so frustrating to lose your abilities. Losing your power and independence… I don’t think I’d like it.


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