Sophistication, the first step

Truth be told, I will not tag on.
I mean, I could tag like two other people who haven’t been tagged yet, but that seems so silly too. Therefore you will have to do it with my answers.

I’m quite sure you will survive.

For now, smokey pictures will do.

Although I will not encourage you too smoke, I still think that smoke an sich has something mysterious and aesthetic. A cigarette holder is so sophisticated. I bought a plastic one today, all for those Days of Dressing Up. I’m pretty sure I’ll look great. Sophisticated.
And I promised pictures. I’ll see what I can do.


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  1. love cigarette holders.. but i don’t have the guts to actually pull out one. BUT i have a cute cigarette case saying “OMG, I’m so retro” haha 😀

  2. AgrippingLife

     /  February 24, 2012

    I wish I was brave enough to pull that look off. Maybe in my younger years? Since I don’t smoke either, it might look a bit silly? Haha Oh, and I also like hats- like the ones they wear at Ascot. So cool. again, Not gutsy enough.

    • If you don’t smoke, it might seem a bit silly indeed. But hats are okay! They are cool. I’m also going to wear a hat that day. Sophistication, the second step :).

  3. With all that ballet and stuff you watch you ooze sophistication. In fact you probably exert more sophististuff in your sleep than I do in an entire month.

    • Probably :).
      But things like cigarette holders are more for women, you know… Men don’t have to be that sophisticated… They just have to be gentle.

  4. That cigarette is way too long. You shouldn’t be able to bang your shins on something you smoke.

  5. Cigarette holders are such a luxury item. They aren’t a necessity, but they sure do look cool. I love the smell of smoke, but I don’t do it myself. The smell reminds me of concerts and the city.

    • The smell of smoke… Since this year, smoking in cafes is forbidden here. But that just means you have to go past the smokers who stand right in front of the doors :).
      It does smell of going out.

  6. If El Guapo tried to use a cigarette holder, he would probably end up stabbing himself in the back of the throat. He likes the hat though.

    And kudos to you for stopping the rampant chain of viral tagging.
    El Guapo is pretty sure he will not do one again, having just responded to 5 at the same time.
    In the third person.

    Looking forward to more pics!

    • First: that is not a picture of me, if you thought that. Sorry to disappoint you.
      Five is A Lot. Such pressure, don’t you think? I don’t want to pass on the stress.

      Third person is quite sophisticated too. NBI considers using it. (Joke of the week…)


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