Military operation – Science Magazines

Background: NBI needs 7 articles about science, more specific about the universe.

Team: Father of NBI

14:22  Enter library. Enter magazine section.
14:23  Collect right magazines. Check for right articles, while sitting next to bunch of old men.
14:56  Articles collected. Magazines piled in most efficient way.
15:01  Start copying. NBI passes on magazines on right page. Father of NBI copies.
15:12  Copying done.
15:13  Put stickers with information about the source on the copies. Fold copies into A4.
15:15  Leave library.

Mission succeeded with military precision.

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  1. Proof, if any were needed, that sophistication doesn’t come at the cost of precision.

  2. Boom! It’s a great feeling when you go to accomplish something and then everything goes according to plan. Life is good!

  3. Teachers getting smart now and realizing that anyone can write something up on the Internet? I thought about doing that before. Creating a website to use as a source. But I was a good student with a bright future. And look at me now! My life is amaz–well I’m not dead.

    • And that is exactly how I’m going to end up too: not dead. And those articles about the universe won’t help me any further.
      It just has so aim at all and that annoys me…

  4. I’d be curious to see how the pre-action plan lined up against the post-op debriefing.
    Was there conversation with the old folks? Contingencies for extraction from said conversation?
    What manner of armament was held in reserve?
    Were their sandwiches?

    • Negative. Negative (Although I’m not very sure what you mean…? English is not my first language, you know. That’s my excuse). A bag, a ballpoint, a sort of binder. Negative, but there was coffee available, and I had a snack with me, eaten by my father afterwards.
      Women are always prepared, you see :).


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