Decisions upon a life

I’m tired, things go wrong, irony strikes back and I’m tired. I want to sleep for days.
All of this is causing me to be in a bad mood, which shows itself by me being silent, critical, cynical and sarcastic. I am not the friendliest person now. You’d better hide if you have ever done me harm. I’ll strike back with violent words and mean remarks.
So… it might be better if you, my dears, take over and tell nosy me about your ambitions. You know, next year I’ll go to university and that means I have to choose. (Choose! Like I can choose! What a duck. Put me in a cafe and I cannot choose what I’ll drink. And now I’ll decide on my future?) I’ll probably do Slavic studies (Russian, Polish and the history, geography and so on).
But what about you? What did you want to be when you were a child? (I wanted to be a dancer – imagine! how weird! – or a writer – until I saw my inpiration fogging away (moving away like fog) as soon as I started a blog)
What do you do now? Do you like your job?
Tell me all about it. I’m a patient audience.

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  1. At school I always knew I was good at using PCs yet I didn’t actually know what working with them meant. I thought I wanted to be a journalist or a clerical person. I didn’t know that something like an IT technician existed.

    I work in IT now but it isn’t the glamorous, exciting industry I thought it would be. Life likes to sucker punch you like that.

    I don’t blame you for not knowing what to do for your studies. I had the exact same problem at the time. People would ask me what I wanted to do and I had no real idea.

    What other options do you have other than Slavic studies?

    • None, actually. I thought of art science (which is the litteral translation of the dutch word- it is all about how to restore paintings and about their history and stuff) but I gave up on that idea. Journalist sounds great, but I would not want to deal with boring articles is small papers. And my concentration does not accept becoming a writer :). Nor would my money accept it.

      I guess every job turns out to be slightly or very disappointing. But if I do Slavic studies, I delay my job decision, ’cause you can do a lot with those studies.

  2. I wanted to be a nurse. The whole biology stopped me. Then, I wanted to work with the circus, but, they wouldn’t let me work with the animals. I’m still struggling on choosing something to do–I do believe if you work in the field you love, you’ll never regret that decision.

    Your Slavic studies would be soooooooooooo interesting, especially with the events of the last 100 years.

    • Hell no, my mother is a nurse and hearing those stories has caused me to run away screaming from that kind of jobs. I have great respect for people who do it, for I could not do it myself.
      So, if I get it right, you don’t work now?
      I also struggle with what field I love. I love languages, but will that love be strong enough to succeed in the Slavic studies? Will my history knowledge be enough for those? And my geography knowledge? Will I be smart enough and will I be able to do the effort?

      Man, it’s a hard decision. I’ll just start a blog and earn money with that ;).

  3. I always wanted to run away and join the circus.
    Almost did.
    But not quite.


    Also, what I do for a living is the smallest part of how I define myself. πŸ˜‰

    • That sounds like you do rather obscure- ah, whatever :). It might be the slightest part of how you define yourself, but I know that if I do something I don’t like, I’ll be deeply depressed. I’m much like a child in that case :). I’ll stamp my feet and say ‘I donwannaaaa!’. So I search for the best thing…
      But I thought of running away and joining a ballet company too!

      • Not obscure. I do IT as well.
        But I learned (the hard way) not to let what I do for a living define me.
        Also because I don’t do what I love anymore.

        Definitely find something you love and go with that!

  4. I never really knew what I wanted to be, tbh. I’m as indecisive as you are.. it can take 5 minutes to choose where to sit when I enter a room and no one has taken a seat yet. I can also totally relate to your mood.. unfortunately, this is me 24/7.
    Ended up studying Scandinavian & German studies.. we’ll see if that was the right choice. Sigh.

    • Not an optimist either?
      I think that language studies are mostly useful. Languages are recquired everywhere, especially languages of economical growing or strong countries, I suppose. And you love Sweden, so I think those are good studies. I believe it!

  5. The most important thing is to like what you choose. To like it now, and to be able to like it in the future too.
    It is really the most important thing. Because you see, I thought I’d like to study languages, and I did, till I realized this college, university, professors, are ruining my spirit. I don’t like what I study anymore, and I don’t think I know enough to be a translator and so, get a job related with what I studied.

    You have to love it πŸ™‚ If you are interested in Slavic studies, if it passionates you, do it. It also sounds interesting, and those languages are more precious. πŸ™‚

    • But will I like those studies forever? Or is it just now that it sounds good? Will the university ruin my spirit too? And how the hell should I know before I try it?
      I think that becoming a translator is only possible when you reall use the language, not when you only talk to teachers and classmates. Spending time in the country of your language is the best thing you can do I guess… But it’s not always possible…. I hope for you that you find a great job!

      • I guess real passion doesn’t get ruined by bad professors… I hope so πŸ™‚ Mine wasn’t real. I have a passion for sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, archeology, reading and writing. So don’t worry. Just be honest to yourself. I was… but 3 years too late, and I applied to Sociology too, back then. I just made the bad choice.

  6. I wanted to be a writer. Or an astronaut. Was never going to be an astronaut though. And I’m trying to be a writer. I need a writing cloak. I know what you should be! A LION TAMER.

    • YOU READ MY MIND. This morning, a teacher was talking about studies and stuff with us, and when he asked me what I wanted to do, I wanted to say: an elephant tamer. I should face my inner ambition more… πŸ™‚

  7. AgrippingLife

     /  March 7, 2012

    What about a teacher? I think teaching is such a wonderful profession and you have a lot to offer. In the states, you don’t have to committ for the first two years while you take general education requirements. In England you have to decide from the beginning and stick with it. It’s unfortunate because so many people are still confused at that age.

    • Yes, I hear a lot of stories about people changing after one year, because it turned out to be too hard, too boring, etc… That scares me a bit too.
      But teaching, never… I’m not made for teaching, and today’s youth doesn’t really invite me to go tell them something. I wouldn’t have the patience and the energy to tell the same thing over and over and over….

  8. I always dream big. Too big probably. I always swore I’d be a pro athlete. Then I turned 13 and my skills decline drastically.

    Now I just want to do something where people bother me at restaurants. I’ve only had one person ask for my autograph ever and someone bullied her into it. I think she thought I was more famous than I am.

    I work at a place where I read blogs all day. I’m not supposed to do that, but they have no way of knowing what I do.

    • Hey, you never know what they know… Be aware of that… Stay alert.
      What are you supposed to do then?
      (And can you please send your autograph to me too? I never dared to ask, you know, but now you talk about it…)

      • I’m supposed to look at papers and if someone filled them out incorrectly I put white out over the ink. I do more complicated things sometimes. Like putting rubber bands on stacks of paper. I do have to memorize passwords. That’s why a monkey cannot replace me.

        The autograph is in the mail!

  9. I went to university and got a degree in Broadcast Journalism (like TV or Radio), while I was working for that I was in a rock-band. I always wanted to be a successful musician, but more luck is needed than talent (and I actually had neither in great abundance. I loved being in charge of the university radio station where we could play music (all kinds) but also have community talk shows and news shows. I work in marketing now, and the writing experience helped and the music keeps me from going crazy personally.

    I do remember univerisity being good for me to better understand what I liked and did not like about the world and the people in it. I met a lot of great people there and we all became better adults because of our experiences.

    • Broadcast Journalism… Doesn’t sound too bad actually. I also considered documentary maker, but with the crisis and stuff it’s less interesting to go for a cultural job. You’ll be kicked out first.
      But hell the crisis.
      With languages you can still end up everywhere, right? I do not exclude Journalism, right? πŸ˜‰
      What is marketing all about, actually? I never really knew, and I still don’t…

      • Don’t worry, you are not alone on what marketing is about. It’s really a bunch of people who come up with ways to convince people to buy, use or do things they may not want to do. Usually its at the heart of American capitalism. In the end everyone is competing for your attention, whether it is clothes, music, food, entertainment, cologne, wine or a million other things. You have choices, and the people in marketing want to figure out how to get you to consider “their” thing and embrace it. Problem is a lot of times its people like you that make up your own mind and start a whole new trend. So we end up asking a lot of people what they think before we advertise things… and we still get it wrong. Fun to try though,

      • It can be exciting if you are flexible to start small in some place without a lot of people and as you get more experience you can work in more metropolitan areas. It can be an adventure, and you can get to meet interesting people along the way. Of course alot of it is on the Internet these days, but it is still broadcasted.

  10. I like studying different cultures. Humanities was the class that made me change my studies from psychology to history. I really like history. I think it’s so interesting and cool. I especially like the classics–Greek and Roman studies. Even a little Egyptian too! Do whatever feels right to you! You can always change your focus if you don’t like it!

    • After six years of studying Latin and Roman culture, I’m slightly fed up with that :). But different cultures are indeed interesting. I wanted to do psychology too, at first, until I realized that I like it in a more casual way, you know, reading about it. But studying it, and doing it is as a job, the idea didn’t make me happy.

  11. What about teaching dance??? You could teach any age group?

    • I know people who do that, but there isn’t much work in that area here… That’s another problem: you can find something you love, but can you live of it? Plus the fact that I’m probably not good enough for a dance study. I’m way too big anyway…. I’m almost 1m80, so they’ll tell me I’m too big…
      You see, I’m difficult :).


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