Sweet taste of success… and irony

Well, it’s almost a week ago, Sunday to be precise, but actually I didn’t plan to tell you this.
But I will after all. Don’t ask me why I wouldn’t or why I do it anyway, just don’t ask anything, because my brain moves in mysterious ways.

Good. Last Sunday I participated in a competition. It’s a competition held in Flanders and Netherlands, and it has multiple categories to participate in. So there are: dance, music, text, fashion aaaand so on. The preselections (WP claims that this word doesn’t exist. Do you know what I mean though?) are held in a few bigger cities of Flanders, I think there are ten cities more or less where the first part of the competition takes place.
I participated in the categories dance (together with a friend, with whom I share one mind 😉 ) and text. Aaaaand I ended up third with my humble text! Aaaaaand what’s even better? I wrote the text for this blog! It was Luck is a loaded gun. I was proud, duh.
Unfortunately this story is based on reality, and when I said that irony striked back, I ment that the gun was fired and things went indeed wrong, after having achieved that third place.
Luck is a loaded gun.
I wish I didn’t write the truth. It felt so… ironically.

BUT that doesn’t take away that I won the third price with something I actually wrote for this blog. I didn’t win anything spectacular as in a lot of money, but I got some chique books and an ‘arty’ magazine, and a bag of the competition and a T-shirt, and the honour.

Realising this took me a few days, but now I’m very glad with it.

PS: have you seen it? Haven’t you? Come on, the sun shone! At 8 o’clock in the morning! How could you have missed that?

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  1. Nice one NBI.

    Having recently had some good reviews of my latest book I know how good it feels to get some recognition of your work.

    I did the sun! I was up fairly early as well as I couldn’t sleep. I have just woken up from a nap and feel a bit groggy.

    Photos of you wearing the t-shirt please.

    • Haha, could have known that you want photos. We’ll see about that though.

      I’ve had an attempt for a nap too today. It feels like I haven’t slept long since two weeks. Soooo busy…

      You deserve your recognition so hard. I still haven’t written a review, but my readers are moslty your readers too, and therefore fan of you as well…

      • Don’t worry too much about doing a review if you are struggling to write one. Your input from the stories before I published the book was helpful enough.

        I am pretty wide-awake now. Keep drinking too much tea and coffee though. Makes me pee lots.

  2. Congratulations! Awesome!!


    Great job! You’re now the most famous person I know.

    I think preliminaries might be the word you’re looking for other than preselections. Or semifinals? Quarterfinals? There’s a lot.

  4. Congrats! That’s so exciting! It’s a hard thing to do–to make your work vulnerable, to have people read and judge something that you wrote. I’m glad they realized how talented you are! You should treat yourself to something–buy yourself something nice!

    • If I hadn’t spent all my money on partying I could do that!
      It’s a bit frightening, yes, but sometimes you have to do it! You never know what you can win by letting others judge you :).

  5. congratulations!!! the prizes seem nice…. great post btw. Sometimes I think luck is the thing that makes my competition win..but its my skill when i win.

  6. Congratulations! Well done. You deserve recognition!

  7. Congratulations! 😀

  8. Way to go, NBI!
    The luck is a loaded gun story is great, and definitely deserves to be noticed.
    Very happy to see that happen, and happy to be here at the beginning of your literary world domination!


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