It’s a sunny day, therefore…

The eyes of men staring at you, just because you wear a skirt… I told you how I think about that. But the last three days I’ve been wearing a skirt, and all of the men were very friendly and gave me priority in the traffic. Now that are the advantages of being a young skirt wearing female! I have considered doing the test before. We have a rather busy road behind our house, and when crossing it, it are moslty men who stop for me. Especially in summer time it doesn’t take long before someone stops for you. But summer time = all skirts, so that might be the explanation.
I really should do the test.

As the sun has begun to shine anyway today, my brain gets a sort of trigger to laugh and smile, to rise and shine, and above all, to like silly humour. But hey, silly humour is humour too.



Once I had to use a shower with a... a... *brain dies* a sensor, so you had to wave your hand every five seconds. Die, shower, die.

All of this thanks to the wonderful, well-known Memebase.

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  1. It’s π day–go out in the sunshine and embrace your irrational side!!!

  2. LMAO at the tree picture!!
    No test need. It is a fact that men stop at pedestrian crossings more often if a female wears the skirt. The only way to increase the frequency of them stopping is having a stroller with you while wearing a skirt.

  3. Yes, I laughed out loud (very loud) at the first picture. yes half of the office were like “wtf”. I raised my eye-brow at them all and gave them the “so-what” look.

    Thank you. 🙂

  4. The tree picture is hilarious! So weird!
    I hate anything with “automatic sensors.” Ugh! Who decided that’s somehow more convenient?

    • Yes, why would that be better than just turning showers on and off as needed?
      Luckily we can lighten the mood with those pictures ;).

  5. By the way – it’s gorgeous here today, too. Sunny and warm!!! My bad and depressed mood gets lifted immediately!

  6. Ohh that sounds nice! I wish it was sunny and warm here! I love those memes! They always make me laugh! It’s so true about the blankets! I can’t believe your friend’s shower had sensors! That’s so hi-tech!

    • Well, actually it wasn’t at one of my friend’s house, but it was in a sort of youth hostel.
      Blankets are the best protection :).

  7. The tree picture is great, not seen that one before.

    I wasn’t actually in Belgium today physically but I was in spirit. The eyes of perverts are everywhere.

    Just like Big Brother.

  8. I always enjoy the rise of spring and winters last gasp!

    • You should have been in Belgium today! Wonderful weather – as I said, 20°C, sunny, not a single cloud. I drove my bike back home without even wearing a jacket.

  9. At us, the skirt has to be very short for drivers to stop. I usually have to wait for minutes… skirt or no skirt. But anyway, I saw that in other countries I have been to, drivers are more respectful, so I’m not surprised about our situation. 🙂

    • Consider living in Belgium! Way more easy country than yours, I believe ;).

      • Without any doubt! First of all the communism affected us, second of all the democracy affected us :)) I’m sure your country is better. Here, I rarely see someone smile on the street, or do something nice for other people. There’s no friendship between strangers, and maybe that’s natural : I don’t trust people either. There’s also no respect.

      • A lack of trust has to be harsh…
        But don’t think our country is all smiles and grace! We’re known as quite distant people, who aren’t too keen on just helping someone either… Strangers are strangers too here… And when I walk through the city close to us at night, I really don’t feel safe…!
        But if you want to come, I won’t stop you :).

  10. It’s been hot here too. How was your winter? I think it got below 30 here maybe 5 days total? Usually we have a brutal winter. Not like you guys. You Belgiums love your snow.

    That tree picture makes me feel uncomfortable.

    • Do we love snow? I think we love snow until it’s actually there. You know, we complain about the rain, but when it doesn’t rain, we say that rain is important etc… Belgium: a country of optimists ;).
      Our winter was quite okay. -15°C was more or less the lowest we got. It has snowed, but not too long. I’m overall happy with it!


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