The Horror

The horror. The extreme horror.
I’ve been to one of the cities with an university yesterday, mainly to gather information. (Information. Information. We want information.) You know, you have to decide what studies you’ll do, and where you’ll do them. But after having spent half an hour in the building where I would end up having classes, I decided that that particular city will not be my home. It was such an ugly building, it looked worn out and some of the walls were grey. Never make your walls look like concrete, okay? It didn’t feel comfortable. And the chairs. Oh, the chairs. That were no chairs. That were pieces of wood, straight wood, put behing your back.

But that is another sort of horror. I’ve become smarter now, as we say here, I now know better what to do, where to do it.
The real horror started when we went to the heart of the city and entered some shops.
We shouldn’t have done that.
Why, oh, why are beautiful, simple yet not ordinary clothes so damn impossible to find? You know, when you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, it ruins your day. You have to wear something that you really want to wear, in which you feel good. But that becomes a problem when your style changes faster than Belgian weather and all shops have the same damn ugly, UGLY clothes. And ugly, UGLY shoes. Or, at least, shoes that don’t fit my profile and image. Because that is very possible.

The world is a hard place. Tell me about it. Not only there are no longer good clothes, but I also forced you to read this post…


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  1. Welcome to life dear NBI. It is a harsh thing indeed.

    I agree that grey walls and straight pieces of wood are not somewhere were one should be parking one’s dainty bottom for study.

    Do you definitely know what you are studying yet?

    • Exactly. Bottoms are fragile, we should take care of them!

      ‘Definitely’ is a big word. Let’s say that I am sure, but that I just need the idea of still being able to choose. But yes, I’ll do Slavic studies, and maybe afterwards one more year of journalism and then straight to Moscow!

  2. haha! What a terrible time you had! Not being able to find proper clothes to suit your style and personality is always disappointing. The grey walls and bad chairs sound awful. Hopefully the next place you look will be more promising.

    • Do I not have a horrible life? 😉 I know that it is just whining, but it did ruin my mood. Soon I’ll be leaving for eight days Italy, and then you do need clothes. And good shoes. That is why it was so annoying…
      I’ve been at another university already, and I’ll go there. There are only two universities here that offer Slavic studies, I believe, so there isn’t too much choice. Good thing for me! It had a cosier building, so that’s a good thing too.

  3. How many schools that have the program you want available to you?
    And do you have any fashion core that is universal and easy to maintain? (I’m a jeans and t shirt kind of guy, so I can find what I need almost anywhere)

    • Taking in consideration that there are only two schools offering these studies in Flanders: two. Flemish students move to the city where their school is, so I could go anywhere in Belgium and even in the Netherlands, but I’d rather stay in Flanders.

      My fashion core would be jeans and a black sweater or T-shirt, but I’m fed up with all the black stuff…

  4. This is why we have online shopping!! I swear by it, based on my refusal for so long to not leave the house. Even now–I prefer online shopping.

    • I’m afraid that if I don’t try the clothes on, they won’t fit well, be too big, too small, or just that they don’t look good anymore when wearing it. Does it always work out for you? Especially shoes, I have to try on shoes, because I’m so strict for them…

  5. My solution to your problem: online shopping 😀

    It’s important to find a place where you feel you can spend a lot of time. Because your surroundings have a lot to say about your well being. And studies do take after all a few years of your life.

    • I’m afraid of online shopping, as I told Addie… What if it doesn’t fit well?

      I agree on you. It might seem dull to judge on that, but in the end, you’ll spend five or even more years there and then the place should feel good. So even when the studies are very good there, I would not want to do them there…

      • LOL maybe that’s a good thing after all. Online shopping is pretty addictive because it can safe you a lot of time trailing the stores and you can do it from the coziness of your sofa with a cup of tea on your lap. What got me started is buying from a company where I would knew what sizes would fit me. After that there was no stopping (unless of course finances wouldn’t allow it)
        In general I guess I am rather lucky since I don’t have a hard time finding things that fit. Exception pants with the legs too short or long sleeve shirts with too short sleeves. 😛

      • Lucky bastard ;).
        I’m rather tall, and now short t-shirts are fashion and I’m doomed…
        Plus the fact that my parents will probably hunt me down when I buy stuf on the Internet :).

  6. What type of clothes do you not find ugly? Besides dames from the 1940s. I imagine you dress like that all the time.

    • Eh, uh, eerm, I like eerm…
      Okay, just come over to see my wardrobe and I’ll show you. I’m moslty dressed quite simply but I do not want to wear things everyone wears, or too simple things. There has to be something that makes it appealing.

      De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum.


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