Am I dreaming…? Most certainly yes…

My earliest memories are dreams. That says something about me, I think, because dreams are still very present in my life. They are creative, ridiculous, hilarious, or frightening. If you want to get to know me, try to discover what I dream.

One of the last dreams I had, included me getting Chinese pointes. (Pointes = ballet shoe with hard nose) They were very pink, almost purple, and it was hard to get on the boxes. But they made turning quite easy. Once more a prove of the fact that I’m completely obsessed by ballet. Sometimes, I dream that I can eternal pirouettes. In reality I have one sucky balance, but in my dreams I can turn as much as I want.

“Kill him zombiemother!”

I really dreamt this. In English. We had just seen ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’, in which this ‘Chief’ is one of the characters. He’s this tall Indian, a good one, actually. But in my dream, he had killed my mother, and when he lay sleeping on our couch, I said to my mother: “Kill him, zombiemother!” Quite logic, right?

I have dreamt twice about a sudden ‘explosion’ of radioactivity. I could hear it in the air, and I was afraid because I didn’t want to be there when the world would end. In some other dreams, I’m completely depressed because I cannot escape the situation I’m in. For example, I once dreamt that my family and I were held captive by Voldemort. There were quite a lot of families there. One of themwas leaving, after having spent two years in that prison. When I heard that, I felt really bad, because I couldn’t imagine staying there for two years…

Last year, around this period, I went jogging to prepare for the jogging hell at school. One of the nights of that period, I dreamt that I had Cranberry cancer. Yes, in English. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that my head was all swollen. The next day, I went jogging, and then I knew why I had dreamt that: when I go running, my face blushes and feels swollen. Exactly what happens when you have Cranberry cancer…

On another occasion, I was almost eaten by a gigantic, fossil-like fish. It was at a swimming pool, in which there were a lot of dead bodies. You could only see them if there was a certain kind of light. There were also fishes like the one I just described. One of the girls that were over there, could control them. She made one of the fishes swim straight to me (in slow motion), but she said that she’d make it go away at the right moment. The fish dilated his mouth and came to me, and I was frightened and I closed my eyes… Then I could feel its cheeks touching me… And then the girl made it turn and I was safe again. Good god.

I even had a dream in which I had a suicide pact with two other people. One of them had died already, so I went to the third one who was in it and I said we had to do it too. She didn’t want to anymore, and I shot myself. But I become a ghost and I always stayed with one of my friends. This dream had a strange feeling of peace and tristesse.

Since my nightmare on frogs, I’m slightly scared of them. They were drowned in a sort of gelatin, and then served as a snack. Some of the frogs were still drowning. They all looked with both their freaky eyes and there were so much of them…

The ones of you who can interpret dreams, know me completely now. But keep in mind anyway: if you need a horror story, call me.

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  1. Sounds like you had some crazy dreams. I always love having dreams. I get freaked out when people say they don’t have them. How can you not dream?!

    • Everyone dreams, but you don’t always remember… I only the remember the freaky! Or maybe I only have frealy dreams… Hmm… Stuff to think about…

  2. Don’t look now, NBI, but I think you’re in terrible danger! Run!!!!
    Only kidding, but it does seem that the common thread is danger or perceived danger. Except for the first one. You seem to be smart enough or strong enough to get out of most situations. Maybe there are things out of your control, lately, and you feel that you must use your wits and skills of observation to get through them? I think they show some slight anxiety, as well.
    That’s my professional opinion. But what do I know?

    • Haha, like you aren’t the best one to tell me what my dreams mean! I think you’re right. Most nightmares described above are recent, but not very recent. Most of them ‘happened’ during the last year. There is some kind of fear in me that comes out in my dreams. Or, it is just a result of what I’ve seen or done that day.
      But yes, some of it is due to fear. I am so afraid of not being able to flee. I always want to have the choice to live or die myself. As soon as I can’t even die, I go mad…

  3. All dreams are bonkers to be honest. And for some reason it is impossible to run away if something is chasing you.

    By the way, I found that doing martial arts improved my balance – specifically kickboxing. You don’t have to actually do any fights at these places, most people go for the exercise.

    • I’ve been thinking about kickboxing too, but I don’t have time for it… and there were some other reasons too, but well.
      Point is: we do train for balance at our dance classes, but still mine is sucky. Maybe it’s due to ear problems I had when I was a child? Is that possible? I don’t know. But I’ve been training at home too, and after like a year, it got better.
      Maybe you can come to Belgium to kickbox with me? I’ll teach you some ballet then. Fair trade, right?

  4. It is interesting that you can recall your dreams so clearly. So many times I can remember dreams for moments after I wake up and then they fade away. Interesting dreams for sure No Blog. Love them.

    • Until you dream them yourself ;). No, they are quite intruiging, indeed. It’s not always that I can recall dreams so clearly! Sometimes just pieces remain. Depends on how you sleep, I think.

  5. I totally understand what you mean. My dreams are freakshows, I am quite positive I never had an actual normal dream, there’s always going to be something dumb going on.

    Oh, I also sometimes see myself in the dreams from a third person’s perspective. Pretty cool, huh?
    But ya know what? Sleeping is probably my hobby. It’s something I honestly ENJOY doing, despite the horror and stupidity. It’s like, what will my mind cook up next? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ๐Ÿ™‚
      That is so nice, that perspective! Woah…. And, how do you look ๐Ÿ˜‰ ? Sleeping is fun sometimes, but at other times, I want to read a book or dance or do something else, but then my brain says ‘no, you HAVE to go to sleep!’ or ‘I can’t take it, lie down NOW’. And when your brain commands…

  6. I find dreams highly fascinating. Especially when they are packed with symbolism that I can look up and see if I can’t make sense of the dreams.

    Just for the fun of it:

    Ballet Shoes
    To see or wear ballet shoes in your dream means that you need to approach a certain problem or situation with attention, care and decisiveness. Wearing ballet shoes can also imply that you are well balanced and level headed.


    • Can it also mean that you are just completely obsessed with ballet?
      Once a friend of mine tried to explain my dreams with a sort of dream dictionary too, but sometimes I really doubt whether it is really truth or just utterly nonsense. Still, as you say, it is quite fun to search up the symbolism :).

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