Mozzarella and Tomatoes 4 : The good, the bad and the ugly

Somehow, the best moments on a trip are the ones that aren’t planned. Their were little lacunes in our strict scheme where we ahd the greatest time. I mean, seeing all those wonderful places was great too, but the spontaneous actions of oneness are different. They aren’t planned.
For example, one guy bought 6 bottles of wine and a few of our group sat together in front of the hotel and we drank all the wine together. We didn’t even have to pay the wine. It was very cosy. I like the feeling of oneness, and that moment had that feeling, also because there were only a few people of the eighty people on the trip. And just because we were all on the same trip, we could just talk to anyone. As soon as you have something in common, you may talk. Weird, but true. Me like.
There were a lot of Belgian and above all Flemish schools over there, and when we met another group at the metrostation, we started to sing our very beautiful, high-quality song ‘It’s silent on the other side’. Soon to be followed by the song ‘Hookers’, with these lyrics:
And so on.
We were each standing on our own platform and screaming that at each other. It’s a Flemish sign or recognition, you know.
In another metro station, we also sang our Belgian hymn together. I mean, we have our real hymn and the hymn that is played at the Olympic Games. But our real hymn is like this (repeat every sentence in your head because that is how it goes):
Everywhere we go
People want to know
Where we come from
Where we go
So we tell them
We’re from Belgium
Pretty pretty Belgium
And if they can’t hear us
We sing a little louder
(Repeat louder)

If you hear people singing this, it’s quite obvious where they’re from, right?

But there were bad moments too. The first of April here, is the day of practical jokes. But our first of April was full of things going really wrong. It started with one pregnant teacher being nauseous. She immediately returned to the hotel. Minus one leader. Later that day, another teacher fell of a stone and his shoulder was dislocated. Another teacher accompagnied him to the hospital. Exit two more teachers. And then someone’s wallet had disappeared. The wallet with all the money, with the ID and stuff.
That evening, we would take the metro and train back home together. (I wouldn’t have done it alone anyway) But we missed the last train and we had to walk home, which took us 45 minutes. We had been walking all day long, we were all fed up an,d then we had to walk… Two girls and I played word games and we made it, but still. It was midnight and we were walking there… God.

Further on there were some pathetic drunk people and stuff, but after all, this was a great trip with lots of memories to talk and laugh about. You never forget this kind of trips, you know. They are so amazing and all. I had a great time.

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  1. You’re exactly right. It’s the unexpected things that make a trip like that fun and memorable. It’s such a nice time to bond with people that you might not normally talk with but because you’re thrown together you find similarities or things to laugh about.
    The song lyrics you wrote sound like a song that we sing over here, too. (except for the Pretty pretty Belgium! haha!) Our song is sung at university football games, etc. Very similar.
    I’m enjoying all the details of your trip!

    • Oh great, so we just stole your song and pretended that it’s really Belgian! 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed it, but unfortunately it was the last part of it…! Of course there’s much more to tell, but you can’t give away everything, right? Still, it was a pleasure to write and I’m happy that you’re all so enthusiastic :).

  2. Sounds great fun so far.

    I think the moral of the story is if you drink enough booze everything is fun and you can talk to anyone.

    • …But when you drink too much booze, you’ll fall asleep and they’ll write ‘gay’ on your head and you are not allowed to go to Venice.
      Don’t try to make us alcohol addicts, Michael. Alcohol is bad, very bad.

  3. That sounds like a fantastic trip! Great sights, some drinking, hanging out with the locals, and some not quite perfect experiences.
    that’s fantastic! So glad you had a good time! Next time, you can go revisit those places and see even more!
    (and try more of the food too!)


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