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Please warn me if I talk about music too much. Then I know that my mission hasn’t succeeded yet ;).
When I was working for school yesterday (yes, I have Easter break but I have to work for school), iTunes was playing and suddenly Requiem for a Dream passed by. Theatrical to say at least! But I do like it. You know, dramatic movies need dramatic music. When you pick the right music, your movie will be way more intense and it will leave a better impression.
There is plenty of good film music, but I haven’t seen every movie that exists, so I will just sum up the film music that struck me the most.

1. Lord of the Rings. I have seen the first movie when I was 9, and it’ the first movie I can remember. It was also the first time that I felt the impact of music on me. The films were equally as beautiful. Why wouldn’t you choose imaginary creatures over real life? I liked the beautiful, brave elves. I liked the brave men. I liked the settings and the music.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean. I was older when I saw them, and they might not be the best movies ever, but I enjoyed watching them anyway. Of course I liked Captain Jack. He’s a genius. His humour is fantastic. With the appearance of the mermaids in the last movie, I was completely caught. I could use them in The Big Task I have to do for school. It fitted what I had to say perfectly… And, although I always say I don’t like it, I did like the love story… Don’t tell anyone… When hearing this music, you feel like a pirate too, no? No? Oh. Has to be me then.

3. Schindler’s List. I haven’t seen this one, but it’s on my list. I know this one since I was really tiny. It’s a common tune here, in our household, and it’s so damn sad and beautiful. I really want to see the movie. I have to see it.

4. Requiem for a Dream. Haven’t seen the movie either. It’s on my list! It’s a piece of music that almost everyone knows, I think, without having to see the movie. Am I wrong? It includes violins, and that’s the way to my heart. Put a violin in it and you can make me do anything. At all.

5. Black Swan. Hey, I warned you that I’m a ballet freak, right? (This is not my favourite version of this ballet music piece, but this appears in the movie…)

Enough for today. I will keep on hunting you down with more film music, or pieces of movies that I like.That’s what blogs are for, guess…
Don’t forget to agree or disagree on me and tell me what film music I have forgotten about!

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  1. I love your selections. Excellent choices! THanks for reminding me of these wonderful scores. I too am a music enthusiast.

  2. Omg Requiem for a dream is so disturbing! Watch at your own risk! I do love a strong soundtrack to go with a strong scene! Nice work!

    • Is it? I don’t know if I dare to watch it anymore ;). But I like intense movies. I guess…
      Soundtracks can really make or break a movie!

  3. Pretty good set. All wonderful pieces.
    Schindlers List is a very moving, disturbing film.

  4. Anything done by Ennio Morricone. Isn’t John Williams also a classic guy though? He does all the Speilberg, probably Schindler’s List included.

    I think if I look the movie I can learn to love the music that goes with it. Sometimes it works the other way too.

    • Well, I’ve been too lazy to search up the composers. They’re already so underestimated…
      But I will search up some Ennio Morricone stuff. It’d better be worth it ;).

  5. I agree with Mooselicker abt Ennio Morricone. I mean tunes such as “Man with a Harmonica” or the theme from “The Good, the Bad & they Ugly” &”The Ecstasy of Gold” are just AMAZING pieces of music. Not to mention “Chi Mai” etc.

    When it comes to Requiem for a Dream… I am not sure I advise to watch it as it is going to be an experience you’ll wish to forget but never will be able to. Me saying that probably just made you want to watch it more, eh? 🙂

    • The Ecstasy of Gold! I know that! It’s a great piece of music. It’s mindblowing.
      Yes, you are right :). Although… I recently discovered that I’m easily scared, so we’ll see if I’ll have the guts to watch that movie :).


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