What Belgian youth talks about

When waiting at a red light, my friend and I heard this conversation behind us.

A: Oh my god, I found this guy on Facebook yesterday. I know him from surf camp four years ago. He hasn’t changed at all!
B: Woow. Is he pretty?
A: He is kinda cute.
B: Oh my god *continues talking*

Typical conversation for youth here. Sorry to disappoint you about us :).

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  1. AgrippingLife

     /  April 19, 2012

    So basically the same all over the world?

  2. In someway, its amazing to see that youth around the world have things in common about what may be important to them at a given time. We are all so different – but some things remain the same it seems. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It just shows that all youth are pretty much the same in one way or another!

  4. It’s all sex, sex, sex with you young people.

    You’re always on about it… morning, noon, and night. ‘Will the girls like this?’ ‘Will the girls like that?’ ‘Is it too big?’ ‘Is it too small?’

    • That’s what you see in it, Michael :). Don’t act like you never worried about that! I also want to look good so I can get a guy with whom I can have babies.
      At least, that’s what I’m supposed to do. Luckily I’m such a badass that I won’t have babies.

  5. Surf camp? It’s not real camp unless there are bears and fires and tent farts.

  6. I’m sorry to disappoint you but youth in Belgium is the same with youth in Romania, and basically, I believe, all over the world. :)) Even children here have facebook and are trendy and stuff… I think I’m old already, because I feel like saying “children these days” or “adolescents these days”… :))

    • Even I’m doing that already… 🙂 It’s like everything went wrong with the people who are one year younger than me. They’re to be blamed for all the bad behaviour it seems.
      When I was young, it wouldn’t have been true! 😉

  7. Youth is wasted on the young.

  8. Very enlightening!


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