One busy weekend

Hi, my dears!
I’ve been off for a few days, which you probably haven’t noticed, but okay! This was one busy weekend, but it was so much fun that I accept the complete tiredness. Friday was my prom party. I believe I looked good. There weren’t so many people, but after all it was a good party, we’ve had a good time.
Saturday I had to rise early again, the pain, the pain, because I had a free day filled with art stuff, thanks to being third with my overly self promoted story Luck is a loaded gun. I didn’t know anyone when I left my house here, I mean, I went there on my own. People from all over Belgium would come, but I didn’t know anyone.
And that’s kinda scary. You know, I’m always friendly because I want people to like me. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will like me. When I entered the place where would sleep, I saw all those people standing there, and they all seemed to know at least one other person.
Luckily, there was one other girl with whom I had already spoken during the competition in our region, so I just sat next to her and talked to her and the girl sitting next to her. As the day continued, I got to know more people and now there’s a giant befriend thing going on Facebook.
Because I’m on Facebook now. I did it to see all the pictures of our never-to-be-forgotten travel to Italy, and I stayed. Giant controversy, I was on FB….! After saying so many times that I didn’t like it….! But my opinion on FB hasn’t changed that much at all. I find it slightly boring, but sometimes it’s nice. Like now, you can befriend everyone you’ve talked to (or even the ones you haven’t talked to, doesn’t seem to matter) and act like you’ll stay in touch, which isn’t true.
Although, after two years I’m still in touch with the girl I’ve stayed with when I was ‘on exchange’.
So, what I want to say is: I was slightly scared, but after all I knew things would work out and if not- then I would be screwed for one day. That’s not too much. And I ended up making new friends. I had such a great time! We’ve had dance battles (in which I actively participated, duh!), people played guitar and the flute (the flute! I mean, does that ever happen except for when art competition people come together?), we’ve seen art things and so on.
I’m not really scared anymore of meeting complete strangers. Next year it will be the same, but no one will really know someone else who does the same studies (or, no one who will do the same thing as me will know someone else doing the same). This weekend, I have noticed that sometimes I’m even the most social one. I can do it. I can make new friends. Other people won’t bite.

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  1. Nice one NBI! Knock ’em dead with your party outfits AND your stories.

    Facebook is the same as anything really. It has its uses but some people just go overboard on it.

    • Very true. I hate it when everyone screams ‘FACEBOOK’ when a picture is taken. But there are some things for which fb is very useful.

  2. Great news, you are moving forward and growing into your adult shoes. You go girl!!!

  3. Go you! I am sure you looked better than everyone in your awesome prom dress! 🙂

  4. Every day is a victory, my friend! Onward and upward!

  5. By the way, I’m sure you were stunning in your prom dress!


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