A smile a day

Today, I found this great blog (I don’t know it it’s still alive), called Made Me Smile, and the following picture is one I stole from there. It made me smile.

Find your country.

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  1. aha!!

  2. Great site! Thanks for the turn on!

  3. Oh, no, I’m the poor neighbor! The shame! :))

    • I was just at a shop and when I was waiting to pay, I stood behind some Romanian people. I almost asked ‘excuse me, do you know Audrey?’ ;).

      • I know the country seems small, but it is not that small :)) I only hope they behaved well, as some Romanians go in other countries, behave like “monkeys” and unfortunately leave the impression that all of US are like that. Every time I had the opportunity to go in another country I made sure I behaved in such a way to change the misconception about us. But it happened for me to meet fellow Romanians and be ashamed I was the same nationality with them. Yeah. Unfortunately.
        Oh, and… you know Audrey is not my real name, right?;) It’s not a very Romanian name.

      • Don’t worry, they were very kind! They said we could go first, because we had but two things to pay. So they left a god impression ;).
        I didn’t know it wasn’t your real name, though I wasn’t sure about it. But hey, I don’t have a typically Belgian name either, why wouldn’t that be possible? Nothing’s weird anymore ;). (So, if it ain’t your real name, then how come you chose for Audrey?)

  4. This proves how little I know about European geography.

    What country is porn stars? My lease is up in a few months.

    • Hey, Europe ain’t that easy! Even I had to think about it, but it’s Hungary. If you go there, then pass by and come say hello! (I live in the country with ‘GOD’)

      • I actually knew you were GOD. Belgium is such a quiet little country. Jean Claude Van Damme is your biggest export.

      • I may hope you aren’t serious! We have french fries, and beer, and a diverse landscape, and lace and cute little towns and water and everything.
        Ahem. It almost sounds like we’re interesting :).

      • Forgot about your waffles too! My bad.

      • Oh yes, waffles! How could I forget?
        So, on your way to Hungary, come pass by for a great meal, hm? French fries with beer and waffles afterwards. How does that sound?

      • You got it!

  5. I don’t know why but I can’t reply exactly to your latest comment, so I’ll just reply as a normal comment. I chose Audrey because I really like the name. Moreover, two of my favorite actresses are Audrey… You made me very curious towards your untypical name, but I won’t ask, I respect your anonymity. :))

    • Haha, thanks :). It’s not that my name is so special, but it’s not typically Flemish, that’s all. Though it is quite common here. My point is that its roots aren’t Flemish, actually. (Never let me explain something, I seem to be unable to do that… 🙂 ).
      Let me guess the actresses… Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tautou?

      • You are right! :)) Did I say that sometime before, or you really guessed?:)

      • I know only two actresses with that name… And you talked about Hepburn in a post, once. But still! What did I win 😉 ?

  6. I’m smiling too!

  7. 🙂 heh, Apparently I am from “never been here” 😀


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