Mist (part 6 – the final part)

How long did this last? It felt like we spent enternities together, but in fact this just lasted for five months, approximately. It was enough to change the both of us. But after all, I was still obsessed with her. That’s the easiest way to put it. I hadn’t changed so much. That was why I could barely live without talking to her every day, even though it were just some sentences sent in text messages (we were so modern).

Until that final day.

I didn’t hear anything of her. The next day, the same thing. Silence. Why? I could have killed myself just by the thought of something being wrong. What’s happened? Is she alive? What in god’s name has happened to her? Is she dumping me? Is she leaving me like this? Why can’t she just say something, even when she’d say she never wants to see me again. Some sign of life. Something…

But somehow, I knew she wouldn’t leave me. Call it love. I call it knowledge. The kind of relationship we had, is something you can’t just give up like that. So I was worried. I was so worried… What if she eventually had decided she despised life too much? What if she had done something to herself? I didn’t sleep anymore when there was silence for the fourth day. I sat home, felt incredibly bad, and decided to call her.


It wasn’t her voice. It sounded like a lady of my age.

“Hi?” I said.
“Hello, you’re William?”
I can think of nothing more stupid then conversations in which you make every sentence sound as a question.
“You’re a friend of her’s, I guess?”
A friend? You wouldn’t call us friends if you knew what we shared, lady.
“A friend? Yes”, I responded.
“Haven’t you heard it then?” Her voice suddenly sounded softer, as if the thing I should have heard was something that could not be said aloud. I was worried. I was so worried.
“No”, I said, holding my breath.
“William”, she said as if I was a boy of Mist’s age. “She’s died.”

The stupid moment when you hold your breath and wish you could die straight away.

I don’t really remember what happened next. Maybe the woman had told me how she had died, but I don’t know. Had she done it herself? But she would have left a letter or something, wouldn’t she? Or was it possible that she just left all behind, without a single thought or regret? I can’t believe it.
No one knew about us. I wasn’t even invited to the funeral. The lady never called back. I guess Mist had told no one, and she must have removed all my messages and calls. Why? I don’t know why. She kept it secret, apparently. Because no one knew about our dearest moments. And suddenly, it was all over. She had gone. Left everything behind, including me.

Why? Why would she hide me, hide us? I asked myself this all the time, and realised once more that the name I had given her fitted her so well. She was as elusive as mist. But is started to sound bitter. Why was I standing in the distance, covered in mist, invisible for the rest of the world? And yet, I still loved her. What else could it have been? What else could it be? The silence was killing me, and still is.

It feels like a part of you being ripped away, and for months, I felt a physical pain. My body hurt as much as what I will call my soul. I was restless. I was the survivor of Mist, and the only one who knew about that.

I still am.
And still I don’t know anything more. It still feels as if they have cut off my arms and my legs. It’s a sort of silence, a sort of homesickness, something you cannot explain.

In my world, words have become worthless, and so have I.

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  1. I read all the parts…and I loved the whole thing! Well done!

  2. It is well done–now, make it into one piece, and it’ll be amazing!

  3. That was damned good!

    More please.

  4. Great read! You seem to have a knack for this type of thing – Romance tied up with heart break and agony. It’s not easy to write about relationships and make them feel real. Nice work!

    • Thanks! That’s a great compliment to me.
      In my world, romance can’t be simple :). There has to be troubles, and a twisted situation. The new story I’m thinking of, is equally as troubled as this one for sure!

  5. Captivating. Your writing style sucks the reader in. You plan to publish it in a short story compilation, perhaps? 🙂

    • I’d like to publish stuff, but I’ve never really contacted somone who could arrange that for me… Maybe I should do so though :). And all my frequent commenters get it for free of course!


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