Mist explanated

I feel the need to give some background information about ‘Mist’, the short story spread on this blog.

It might seem a bit chaotic, you know, because I just started writing it and I had no idea where I was going. Not really. That’s why I wasn’t always consequent and stuff. I almost made all of it up while brushing my teeth or driving my bike or doing something that doesn’t need my attention. That’s what I do all day. Making up stories.
Making up strange stories, in fact. I know that it’s weird and all, but deal with it – I already have ideas for another twisted story, but that one will be longer than six parts. Maybe you don’t like this kind of posts (because when you miss, you can’t follow anymore), if so, then you can always tell me, and I’ll stop it.
But for now, I do like it myself, so be prepared for more.

On Mooselicker’s demand I made a page in which all the parts of ‘Mist’ are collected in the most normal order. So if you’ve missed a part, or if want to reread the story, just take a look there! (But remember: it’s my story and you can’t steal it!)

Thanks to everyone reading it and liking and commenting it – I really appreciate your attention and hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Dear…. Oh, now I realize i don’t actually know your name, not even your “fake” name. I have to admit I haven’t yet read your entire “strange” story because I’m too stressed out and busy now. But when I will, you’ll see a sign.
    With friendship,

    Cookie(‘s drunk!)

    • Actually, I don’t really understand the name-thing you’re talking of…
      It’s okay if you haven’t followed it, it’s still available if you want to, but I don’t want to force anyone!
      With friendship,
      a like-minded indiviual 🙂

  2. My dearest NBI, there is no need to explain or justify your storytelling methods.

    Some people write out detailed plans before they write and these people are called planners or plotters. Some people just prefer to get a nugget of an idea and make things up as they go. This makes them a pantster because they write on the seat of their pants.

    Neither method is inherently better than the other as it is the end result that counts.

    Just for the record I am a pantster like you. Nothing I have written, whether it’s on my blog or my books, has had a plan to it. I quite literally have no idea what is going to happen next until it is written down.

    We are in good company of course; Stephen King is a pantster!

    If you like writing these stories then please continue to write them. They are well-written and enjoyable and now that you have broken the seal you will probably find more ideas coming to you.

    Go for it.

    • That comment of yours made me feel all warm and good! I really liked the fact that you followed the story and thought it was good – you’re such a great writer yourself, so I was happy to see that you liked it.

      As I’m too tired to act rational, I feel I should say this too: without you things might have turned out very differently. As you were the first frequent commenter, it was a boost to continue. So thank you Michael, for being the great writer and commenter you are.


      • No problem at all!

        You also gave me a boost by reading my stuff and saying positive things about it.


  3. Speaking of relationships… why do I feel like I’m witnessing the beginning of a beautiful relationship?! : )

  4. NBI you make me want to read more. Very good. I am curious about Mists reason for dying and the back-story of those final moments. That makes this story memorable, instead of neatly wrapped up. Thanks.


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