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Yep, I keep going! This time it’s about the music. Mostly my best stories are based on a song, or they have a song that inspires me to write them. Examples of this can be seen here. Check in the category ‘Writing’ and you’ll find some stories based upon songs. (At least one)
But today, it was slightly different. I had my iPod on shuffle and suddenly this song passed by, and I thought ‘this song really fits Mist’s story…’ Then I felt like I should share it with you, because it might increase the feeling you should get when reading the story. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to be all sad when having read the story! But I want you to be carried away by it, totally and completely.

This song is the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Crow’, the song is by The Cure. Try to hear the lyrics to understand how this applies to Mist.

(For those who haven’t seen or read it yet, on top you find a page named ‘Mist – a short story’.)

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  1. I haven’t seen The Crow for years!

    I am not really one for listening to lyrics much, I always end up zoning out and just listening to the sound.

    I don’t mind the song though.

  2. I love that movie generally and the song is brilliant!
    Ya know what? The song that I have been thinking of when reading The Mist was Sirenia – Seven sirens and a silver tear.
    And this is why books are better than films – every mind interprets it in a completely different way!!

  3. Love soundtracks to things and days and people and stories and… this is a GREAT song… The Cure. Awesome NBI!


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