Pushit (part 1)

“First I want to say that you should not fear me. I won’t do any harm.”

There is pain.

My head feels like a balloon or something. Even thinking hurts. And movement as well. I don’t want to move. I’ll vomit if I do.

There is silence as well. I hear my breath. That’s all. I wish I shouldn’t have to breath. Even that hurts. Ache. My bones feel broken. Let me sleep. Please, let me fall asleep. I don’t want to move. I’ll die.

Why do I feel like this? I don’t want to open my eyes, and I’m not sure if I’m even able to do so. I won’t try. I’m lying on a bed. I can’t remember going to sleep. I don’t remember anything at all. That’s not true. I was somewhere. In a cafe. Or something like that. I must be at home, but it doesn’t seem like it. Suddenly, my eyes open. There’s a white room. White room? I don’t recognize it. Like I didn’t recognise the voice. Did I dream, or was there really someone in this room? I feel nauseous. I’d like a glass of water. My mouth is so dry. I could drink a whole river. But I feel like being in the desert. This isn’t a desert. This is a white room in which I’m lying on a bed, feeling nauseous. What’s happened? Will my head explode if I move? Will my bones break? Will I throw up everything? A glass of water would help, because my mouth is really dry. Like a desert. So damn dry. What is this room in fact? But I’m too tired to find out. I’ll find out later. I want to sleep.

I opened my eyes and saw the white walls, and a little bedside table. There was  a glass of water. No, it wasn’t not a glass. It was a plastic cup. There was also a closet, made of wood. And there were two doors.
Nothing of this was familiar to me. My head hurt, but not as much as before anymore. I was not sure whether I dreamt everything or not, but apparently something was wrong. How do you end up in a place you don’t know? I forced myself to stand up and examine all the things around. Nothing special; simple furniture, a cup of water. I found simple clothes in the closet, T-shirts and jeans and all that stuff. With a feeling of unbalancedness I moved on to the doors. I opened one of them. Darkness, untill I hit the light button and the lamps revealed a bathroom. A shower, a toilet, sink, mirror, small closet. It contained soap and makeup and lots of things I had at home too. Everything I could possibly need when using a bathroom.

Where the hell was I?

I left the bathroom and tried to open the door, but I was unsuccessful. It was closed, and suddenly I felt locked up. Someone kept me here. I was kidnapped.
This thought struck me so hard that I felt my blood leaving my brain. I sat down against the wall. What is this? What the hell is this? What’s happened?
I sat there for quite a long time, I guess, while the strange feeling of being held captive slowly disappeared. My head became heavy again, I became tired and longed for some more sleep, so that my head would not hurt anymore.

But then the door next to me, the closed one, opened up.
I looked up, held my breath all of sudden, and saw a man, a rather young man, with black hair, rather tall, looking at me. He held a serving tray with food and water and he looked at me, while closing the door again.
“Alice, are you alright?” he asked.
I closed my eyes, but opened them soon after, because it felt as if I started spinning around.
“No”, I whispered, with a sudden loss of voice. He, a stranger, knelt down, put the tray somewhere and gave me a concerned look.
“Maybe you should drink some water.”
He handed over a green cup filled with water, and I drank it carefully. Is it poisoned? I’ll die anyway if I don’t drink anything.
“Are you feeling better now?” he asked.
“Where am I?” I asked.
“You’re safe”, he answered.
Was I? It didn’t feel like it. Fragments of memories starring him welled up, but none of them really reached my mind.
“Is there anything you need?”
“Where am I?”
He sighed, looked away, looked back and then said: “In another world.”

After that, I don’t remember much anymore. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and I think he brought me back to bed. When I woke up again, I was lying down, and completely awake. I woke up in panic. I was kidnapped. I was kidnapped! Who was he? Where was I? I had to escape, as soon as possible. What would he do to me? Would he kill me?
Those thoughts frightened me, and I tried to chase them away. They didn’t go away at all, they haunted me, untill I decided to do something, anything, just to be moving. I took a shower, fearing all the time that he’d enter, or that there would be toxic gasses around. Nothing happened, and I felt slightly better when putting on new clothes. I felt like I was gaining energy I would need to run away.

If it only were that simple. As soon as I had showered and put on new clothes, the thoughts returned and I could do nothing. I didn’t dare to touch the water, waiting for my lips on the bedside table. I wondered how long I would survive this horrifying situation. I walked around, tried to reach the window, but it was too high for me. Two layers of glass to keep me away of the outer world. How would I ever break that? At least there was some light entering, but at the same time, it killed me that I couldn’t leave the room.
How much happier had I been if I hadn’t known that the door was locked! I tried several times to open it, but it never gave in. Nothing gave in. Everything was keeping me locked up.

Finally, he returned. At least a human face, a voice, someone to talk too, the door opening, a chance for escape.  But as soon as I saw him, I was afraid. I was at his mercy. I bit my lip.
“Hello”, he said casually. “How are you feeling today?”
“Bad”, I said.
“Are you hungry, or thirsty? Is there anything I can get you so you’d feel better?”
Why was he so kind to me? It almost seemed as if he hadn’t kidnapped me. But he had done that, right? It was no dream, right?
“Why am I here?” I asked.
“I’m afraid it’s too early to explain”, he answered, with a worried look on his face. “You’ll be mad at me first, but in the end you’ll realize that it’s better this way.”
“What do you mean?” I started feeling frightened.
“Alice”, he said while looking straight into my eyes. “We share a universe in which only we could possibly live.”
I held my breath.
We share a universe.
I don’t know you.

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  1. Intriguing stuff!

  2. you are so talented, love your style of writing! please do post the next part soon! x

  3. I refuse to read this until The Mist has its own page as I suggested for my viewing pleasure.


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