Waking up alone

I have had a great night, filled with darkness and dancing and fresh faces and a free bottle of wodka.
But then, when waking up, I really feel like I don’t want to wake up on my own anymore.

(I know that I’ve posted this video before. But today, it’s that sentence above all. You’re free to listen to it again though.)


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  1. I wake up with my cat. Same thing. *sigh*

  2. Life is cyclical. First you want to wake up with someone and then you’ll want to be alone. It might have something to do with snoring… I’m just saying. Still, eventually it’s all about achieving comfort. haha!

  3. Go for it NBI. Embrace the party life while you still can.

  4. Waking up with someone is great. So cozy and warm and you always wake up smiling. Enjoy your freedom while you can though!

  5. Love will find its way to you, and you can find the way there. Take your time and enjoy the travels to it. No doubt you are a unique and wonderful person, and the day will come when you will get your wish.

  6. Waking up with someone is overrated. It’s enjoyable the first few months. Then you get sick of how much less room you have. Practice sleeping on your side while you can.


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