Whining on a wintery day

Is it winter again? No, it has to be spring (it hàs to be), but then why has it been raining the entire morning? Why did I have to cover up in plastic to not get all soaked and wet, and WHY am I wearing winter boots?
What is the world going to? We’re Belgium, we don’t have any rainforest, though we do own a lot of very green trees now, all covered in shattered clouds.
Well, actually the sun is shining now. But only now.

And I should be studying, because this Friday, I will have the last high school exams ever.
At least, if I pass. But I will.
I need to study though, and I’m not doing it right now. The first thing I did today after having had lunch (Wednesdays means only half a day of school here) was going to sleep again. I’m tired, I’m tired, and yet I don’t sleep at nights. I do, but not directly. I’m not tired when I have the chance to sleep.

Next to that, my brother is at home, he’s studying for his (way harder) exams too, so he needs the computer often, and that’s why I’ll be silent for the coming two weeks.

Any mental support will be mentally appreciated.

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  1. AgrippingLife

     /  June 6, 2012

    You’ll get through this. The rainy weather probably makes you feel tired, unmotivated, etc. I know that’s what it does to me. You’ll pass through this and you’ll put it behind you. I think you have a very bright future : )

    • Thank you Lisa, I might hope so! Though things aren’t going that bad at all… I believe next year I’ll have a great time!

  2. Lots of mental support coming your way. As well as faith that you’ll ace your exams.
    I bet the nice weather is saving itself for the end of school so you ca enjoy it more…

    • I hope so! Otherwise… *angry look at sky*
      Thanks for the mental support, I’ll keep it safe with me and use when needed.

  3. Yeah, the weather is pretty miserable considering it’s June!

    If you can’t get on the PC much then I guess I will have to send my mental support via pigeon.

    • I’ll stop every pigeon I’ll see from now on :).
      (No, seriously, if you ever send a pigeon to me, I’ll come to London to thank you personally by paying an expensive dinner and a ticket to the OG.)

  4. You’re almost done with school! That’s awesome. I agree with my mom. The bad weather always makes me tired and depressed and what not. It will end, summer will come to Belgium and you’ll have a good time. No worries!

    • The strange thing is that we had a few very very hot days, and now it seems to be winter again. Typically Belgium to go from one end to the other. *sigh*
      I can see the end of six years of high school already though, and it looks so bright that I’ll make it trough.

  5. The world ahead will be a new adventure, look forward to the end of this chapter of your life’s story. There is always a new and exciting story to live. Sometimes a rainy day can be a nice reminder that tomorrow there will be sun.

    • If there will be sun, at least. I do not always trust that things (weather included) will get better.
      But thanks for your nice words :).

  6. Summer is just there, over the horizon. Hold out for it’s arrival–and good luck on the exams!

  7. Did you get home today? Thanks to the beautiful weather it took me 25 minutes (record!) to get to school and 50 minutes (also record!) to get home. Djeezes.

  8. Oh my – you should see what’s going on in London. Horrendous rain and wind (while apparently we are in a drought) Ewwww. Hold on, girl!

    • I share your pain! Thank you for the support :). I will, as always, try to look fabulous though the weather isn’t great! 😉

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