Arriver à temps for the French exam

If there is something I’m bad at, it’s computing. By which I mean: whatever time of the day it is, I’ll always be late. Because I believe in the power of my legs and the speed of my bike. Because I simply have no feeling for computing whatsoever. When having oral exams, that is quite unhandy. My exam was at 11.30. I had been awake for hours already, I was done with studying, I was all prepared…

And yet I waited. ‘It’s too early’ I thought. ‘Ill be there too soon’ I thought.

What was I thinking? That, obviously, but seriously: for an exam, you can never be too early.

That’s what I realised when eventually biking to school. It was way warmer then I had expected, so I wore a jacket (DEAR LORD that was warm). Soon after mounting my bike, I said to myself to I had made the wrong calculations. I wouldn’t have been in time if not the unbelievable power of my legs (and some wind in the right direction). But then, then I had to wait for a train to pass by. I was already eating myself (dearlordI’llneverbeintime) when the train stopped.

It stopped three seconds after having started to move. I mean, trains should NOT stop when you’re late already. Never, actually. I was already telling myself that things would go wrong, I’d be way too late, blablablah, when the train started moving again.

And nothing had happened after all.

I arrived at school in a state of hurried warmth (not to say sweaty), and with my brightest smile (gaspgasp) I said ‘Bonjour’.

I did my exam well enough.

I returned home. Though that sounds easy, it wasn’t. Because the wind that helped to get in school at time, still moved in the same direction. It took me many minutes to get home. On top of that, it almost started to rain, so I drove even faster. My state of hurried sweatiness only got worse.

But when I arrived home, at least my cat lifted his head to see I was back home. The consolation of two listening ears, and the softest fur ever.


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  1. That is one HECTIC hell of a day there.

  2. Glad your exam went well!
    So are you all done now?

  3. AgrippingLife

     /  June 8, 2012

    Great post! I’m just the opposite, I’m always early. Reading your post actually made me a bit nervous, though some how I knew you’d do well. : )

    • Somehow, everything always turns out fine! It’s a sort of habit, really. And then you start to learn all the tricks to be in time anyway!

  4. Congratulations on doing well and finishing! Can’t believe you left so late for an exam! Rebel rebel!

  5. I knew you’d be late again. I was saying it to my bike-friend (youknowwho) on our way to the exam: NBI (we didn’t say NBI) can pass here any minute 🙂 Lucky you there was wind. I noticed too.

  6. :)) Congrats! I just realized that where you live you have to speak French, so… it’s an important exam. You’re finishing high-school or why these so many exams?

    • About that French: I live in the Dutch speaking part, so it’s not my mother language, but we do get it at school.

      And here, we have exams of all our courses, every year, twice or even three times, depends on the year you’re in. So it’s quite normal to have so many exams :). But of our school, my studies have the most exams.
      I am finishing high school too though :).

      • When I finished high-school I only had to give exams like this: Romanian oral, English oral, written Romanian(literature), Universal Literature, History and Philosophy. I have chosen these, I could have given Sport instead of Philosophy and Spanish instead of Universal Literature, but I always chose the hardest subjects (Hardest because for these I really had to study and memorize a lot) 🙂 And, I’m curious: If you give these exams every year, will you have to have some exams for finishing high-school too?

      • You mean exams that are specifically for finishing high school? (Sorry, sometimes I suck in understanding what people ask me 🙂 ).
        If so: no. We have our courses and we do exams of all those courses, every year. We can choose for a specific field of studies, but they always include other subjects too. For example, I do languages, but I have to do exams of chemistry and maths too. And I’m supposed to pass them too :).
        I hope this makes things clear more or less? (Btw, funny how school systems are so different everywhere! We don’t even have separate literature courses, theya re included in the language course too.)

  7. Addie

     /  June 10, 2012

    I’m always early, wayyyyyyyyyyy too early, in fact. It’s why I carry a book with me all the time. Glad you did well in the exam, and, you made me wonder if I could still ride a bike. They say you never forget, but, I wonder–

    • It will feel weird, I promise you! If I don’t use my bike for about a week, it feels like it’s a totally other bike already.
      Next to that, for me it’s very hard to imagine that I would not need my bike anymore… If you try it again, don’t hesitate to tell me what it felt like!!


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