We’re having a picnik and you’re invited!

Looks pretty Belgian.

A few nights ago, when I didn’t fall asleep immediately, I started thinking about how mind blowing great it would be to meet each other in real life. As Motherventing is planning a trip to Belgium (pretty pretty Belgium) I suggest you come over here somewhere during the summer. Maybe, if the weather gods have mercy, we’ll see a ray of sun broken by the trees. We could have a picnic in one of the parks in Brussels or in Antwerp,as you please. Imagine us sitting there, surrounded by greenness and a blue sky and a sun shining heavily! If everyone would take something with him/her, then we can have a great picnic. Lisa being a mother, could for example bring some food in a picnic basket, and a blanket to spread out on the ground. There we would sit all together, eating pancakes (who will bring the pancakes? Addie?) and strawberries, and melon at whatever you eat when picnicking. Michael would of course bring his books, with signature. Lily could bring her great sense of judging and her contagious smile, Mooselicker should certainly explain that game of his even better so we can play it. Audrey, do you mind bringing your poetic thoughts and reflections upon life?
Oh, and then we’d walk around and I would tell you all I know about the Belgian beer (please do not try to say that Heineken is Belgian. it’s not true. we’ve got better beer. more beer. oh, like we’ve got beer!). We have a very tasty, pink, light beer that tastes like heaven when it’s warm. And we’ve got plenty of other kinds of beer, for the heavy guys we’ve got heavy beer. And the chocolate is everything you’ve imagined. If you haven’t tasted Belgian chocolate, you haven’t tasted chocolate at all.
Plenty of things to visit too! We have a thing we call the Atomium, but it’s known better as the Belgian Balls. We also offer you a little statue of a little guy peeing. Belgian pride. And old buildings, you’ve never seen old buildings if you haven’t seen ours. The shopping street of Antwerp is widely known and appreciated. If you all turn out to be the most trustworthy people ever, I might even invite you over at my place, and we can watch a movie together (OR we go to a cinema – to the movies, for the American friends).

Oh, the fun we’d have.
When imagining it, I want to organise this so badly!

For the ones I haven’t mentioned: enroll yourself by commenting below and telling what you will take to this picnic!

Oh, and don’t forget to pick a date. (Date as in day, not (wo)man you’re interested in. This picnic is for bloggers only!)

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  1. I would be happy to bring something inane. Perhaps a slip and slide? Coated with pudding, to make it faster!
    Yeah, that’s about my speed…

    This sounds like a great idea!

  2. I could bring Texas bar-beque. Red and saucy beef or pork smoked on a grill and slathered with tangy sauce. Then some California red wine to wash it down. Wouldn’t bring beer because Belgian beer is so great! Oh how I wish!

    • Very right about the beer.
      I hope you don’t mind that I wont taste your beef or pork, ’cause I’m no meat lover, but I’m sure the rest will be all too happy if you bring it!
      (And the wine is perfect too, of course 🙂 )

  3. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! This was a very sweet post, NBI. Seriously – very kind. I would bring anything you would request. : )
    I have an American friend who lived in Antwerp for 7 years and she said it was the best place she’s ever lived. She loved it. So, maybe one day I’ll visit and we can make this, at least in part, a reality. I always want to meet everyone face to face, too. Maybe there should be someone who organizes an international get together every few years. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    • That would be mind blowingly fun, indeed! Anwterp is in fact a nice city, with a variety of old and new buildings and art, oh, and a very beautiful fashion museum, and shops, so many shops and- wait, maybe you should just come over to experience it yourself!

  4. I’m going to bring me. And some crisps. Essential for any picnicking. You pick a date and I’ll do my best to attend 😀

    • The 17th of Juli? The most random date I could think of.
      But wait, maybe I have to work then… Whatever, I’ll be there when you are there too!

  5. That sounds like the best day ever! I would love to judge and laugh with everyone! I would probably bring some candy and a pillow. Super relaxed. And I would have it on August 1st. I love the summer heat!

    • Summer heat in Belgium is not like summer heat anywhere else. It’s colder :).
      You know what, I’ll check the weather reports and I’ll let every one know when there’s the best chance for sun and warmth! And that day we’ll gather together for some serious picnicking!

  6. You made me smile. 🙂 And it’s the first smile yet, for today. Such a cute idea!

  7. This would be very neat. I still go by the notion that one of us will smell really bad in person and the rest would never be able to read anything they write again without being reminded of the stench. I wear two kinds of deodorant. Won’t be me sister!

  8. This would be fab. I would, of course, bring my mostly bald head, and try to strike up conversations with people who were actually bald.

  9. I make a killer pasta salad. Anyone interested?


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