A gun for a lover


Don’t speak, my dear, I beg you.
The walls have eyes and they are watching us. Hush, my dear, before they find us, before they start closing in.

You believe in the power of love. I believe in the power of guns. It’s heavy in my hand, and it’s not even loaded yet. Its time will come. The sun is burning, my love, but I don’t know if you feel it. You know I will find you, in your cave or cage. Wherever you are, I will hunt you down.

I walk on. I believe devils exist. One of them is watching over me since my guardian angel gave up. He knew it was all in vain and left me. He walked away. I’m walking away. Sand, sand everywhere. And the sun is burning like fire, my love. Soon from now you’ll feel what it is to burn. The bullet in my gun. The bullet in your head. The sunlight dies. The night is coming. But I won’t stop searching, my love. You’ve run away, but I will find you. You left me, but I will find you.

Nothing will hold me back. I scream your name, my love. Maybe you hear me and cringe at the sound of revenge. Are you hiding behind this wall? It’s not a safe wall. The wind could easily blow it away. And then you’d be powerless. The bullet in my gun. The bullet in your head. I’m trembling of anger, pure hate for you. How could you…? How could you leave me like that? If I ever see your pretty face – I hit the wall – it won’t be pretty anymore.

Sometimes, I cannot hold it any longer. Then I smash walls and hearts and thoughts. All because of you, my love, and when I’ll find you, you’ll be smashed too.

Sounds. There are always sounds, even though it’s silent here.

We won’t survive. That’s one thing I know. He’ll find us. He’ll find us, the thought scares me. We’re already at his mercy. The walls are closing in.


Don’t you ever want to shoot the pain away? It seems so impossible that you still love him. Love is always over in the morning. By now, you should be drowning in regret. Face the truth, my love!  Soon it will be over. Your prayers are worthless and won’t save you. Can you already hear me shouting your name? The walls must be trembling, like you are too. Face me.
A bullet in my gun.

A shot for the pain inside.

Read the lyrics when hearing the song!

The song is one of my favourite songs ever. Powerful, poetic and just great. Especially combined with the lyrics this song is mind blowing, and way better than my story.

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  1. Jolly mysterious.

  2. A gripping life

     /  July 18, 2012

    I like the lyrics maybe more than the actual song. I’m not sure I like the lead singer’s voice? Maybe I need to listen to it more than once. I don’t think I’ve ever NOT liked one of your recommends. So I’ll listen to it some more.

    • Is that true? Woah, I always thought it was impossible that everyone liked all the videos I post! But if you don’t like this song, it’s okay. Maybe you’ll start to like it when you hear it several times, but if not, don’t force yourself to listen to it! But I too had to get used to SoM, so maybe…

  3. Great pairing of music and story.
    And don’t sell yourself short – your story stands quite well on it’s own.

  4. “You believe in the power of love. I believe in the power of guns.”

    I believe in both, separately or combined. Love the song, nice and dark, just the way I like it!

  5. Wow. Your writing is so…full. Of imagery, of sensation. I can feel the anger, the sense of betrayal. It’s raw and uncut and I like it. Amazing work. Thank you for posting:)

    • Hi Jae Lei Nyght, you make me blush :). I’m glad you enjoy what I write! It’s always nice if people like what you do and tell you that with such nice words!

  6. I read this after all of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado–so, it struck even closer to the heart. I agree with Guapo–the story stands quite nicely on it’s own.

    • If that tragedy had happened here, I wouldn’t have published that story now… But we barely hear anything about it… Glad you liked it though!

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