Dance Day # 2: I don’t always repost…

…but when I do, it’s because I think the post got less views than it deserves. It is the first post you’ll find on this blog, so barely anyone has seen it. It really fits here and thats why I thought ‘let’s give it another chance’.

Do you know Swan Lake? Probably. Have you seen Black Swan (the movie)? Possibly. The movie tells us that the black swan should be sensual and edgy, a bit dangerous. But let me tell you the story: a prince, Siegfried, falls in love with Odette. She is cursed by an evil magician, Von Rothbart, and now she’s a swan during the day and a girl at night. But the curse can be broken if Siegfried keeps his promise and will be loyal to her forever. But Siegfried’s parents are having a ball and Von Rothbart and his daughter Odile come too. Odile resembles Odette so hard that Siegfried thinks she’s his love and they dance together.  Then Siegfrieds announces that they will marry. At that point Odette arrives at the ball and discovers that Siegfries has broken his promise, and they both know she will be a swan forever now.
There are different endings: sometimes it’s a happy ending, sometimes the two lovers commit suicide, sometimes it’s something else.
But now you see that Odile can’t be that different from Odette, because the prince thinks she is Odette. Someone on Youtube said that Odile should be sensual, seductive and even more perfect than Odette. But that means that they can’t be real opposites.
Altough, I have liked the movie and of course the dual personalities are way better for the movie.

My favourite short black swan variation is the one of Elena Nikolaeva. Watch how she flows just like the music… Ahhh, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

The version I like less, is this one. I don’t really like the beginning. And it seems less fluent and powerful than the other version.

But they are both great dancers.

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  1. I was going to look for the original post, and copy and paste my comment, but I couldn’t be bothered.

    • That would be cheating, Michael… Plus: you haven’t commented on that post yet, because you only got to know RFB after this one.

      Which leads to the conclusion that you’ll have to read the entire post and watch the two videos and then give your very own, original opinion…

  2. Hi,

    I like when you say that ” that means that they can’t be real opposites”. Very clever point, but in really from that perspective it is hard to judge Odette`s personality, because according to the story her spirit is emprisoned in th body of a swan. So in reality, the ballet shows very little moments when she appears as a real human being. I think there are different versions of Swan Lake. The most common one is when she actually commits suicide, but I think there is another one — from Alla Scala — they the story has a happy ending. — I think this is the one

    As for the movie Black Swan, I have mixed feelings. Because Natalie Portman`s work as an actress was impecable. I wouldn’t take it as a ballet movie. However, I thought that the scenes of madness were a bit exagerated. I do not believe that all ballet dancers are so vulnerable.

    Ah I have to reply to your comment on my blog. It takes me longer to write, as in French I need to think a little bit more. Lol. Also I am in the process of finishing my masters degree. So it has been a bit hectic. xx

    • That’s okay, good luck with your master degree! If you want to answer in English, I can deal with that :).

      Most things of what I told here, were stolen from Wikipedia, the storyline I mean. At that point, I had never seen a complete version of Swan Lake. You are right about Odette’s personality, but I believe her swan’s personality is much like her real personality. Plus: the music tends to be quite sad when Odette dances, troughout the whole Swan Lake, so I think she’s a quite sad girl…
      While Odile is a vile, almost sexy character. But: this is how I see it, and other people might see it differently.
      Thanks for the video too!

      I went to see Black Swan because I thought it would include a lot of dancing, but I left slightly disappointed for that… There were only little pieces of dance, and mostly close-ups. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t scare the hell out of me :). It was a very intruiging movie (what’s happened!?) but as you say, not a ballet movie. I too doubt if all dancers are like this… How are you able to dance all day if you don’t eat?

      Nice to talk to you as always! xx

  3. My favorite Odile/Odette is Natalia Makarova. The pas de deux with Michael Barashnikov is out of this world.

  4. I remember going to see the ballet for the first time, it was, of course, Swan Lake. I was ill at the time and could not be bothered to sit there and yet was mesmerised by every move. I then briefly wanted to become a ballet dancer. I said briefly.

    • Haha, pity that your ambition didn’t last long time :). In my newest daydreams, I’m transported to ancient Russian times where I become a well known, loved ballerina… So for me it isn’t briefly!

  5. I was actually bored and looked up what your first post was after I read the two stories you wrote recently. The mystery of who viewed the original post recently has been solved. If something creepy is going on in your life, chances are it was me.

    • Haha, now you say so, it was in the Anthology… And that explains why! Maybe you are the one who has been searching for these odd things on my site too…?

  6. Hello there, NBI. I found a blog about dance that you might enjoy –


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